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What's in Your Bag?

Muni on this:

For most people, their mobile phone, wallet and keys are all they need before heading out of the house. If the goal is leave the house with minimal ‘baggage’, then this makes the cut. But have you ever thought of the trail you leave behind as soon as you step out of the house?

For the things you buy, consume or use, there’s always a corresponding waste trail. However, we can significantly reduce that by simply stashing a few more things with our daily bringables.

So, we’ve come up with a list of things we recommend you put in your bag / car to help you cut the crap you produce on a daily basis.


  • A reusable bag. Or two. Every retail store has come up with their own version of an eco bag that it should be considered a misdemeanor if you still do not bring one along with you. Since we already know that you own at least one, why not use it? This reduces the use of plastic, and equally wasteful paper bags for that matter.

water bottle

  • A reusable water bottle. We have always been told to drink at least 8 glasses a day. Is there a better way to drink water than when it is free? Fill up before leaving the house, refill using the water dispenser at work or request the barista for some. Your very own water bottle ensures all-day hydration, money saved and a conscience that is clear if ever you come across a comedic spiel about ‘special’ water from the Alps.Pile of Chopsticks
  • Reusable chopsticks. Yes, those elegant long ones that your friend gave you coming from a trip to Vietnam. Say you’re craving for some beef brisket noodles, head over your favorite noodle house and inhale some using those standard wooden chopsticks. Did it ever cross your mind that there is probably another million out there who craved for some noodles. And this translates to a million pairs of wooden chopsticks that would inevitably have to be thrown into the dumpster? You know what that eventually sums up to? The New York Times in 2010 reported that at least 3.8 million trees are cut down a year so China (yes, we’re only talking about China) can pick up those dumplings. So while you are still wrapping your head around those numbers, get your pretty pair of chopsticks, or your favorite spoon and fork, and say no to disposable chopsticks and other utensils.


  • An empty film canister.  In beach cleanups all over the world, one thing is true: the type of litter that delivers the most waste in terms of tonnage is nothing else other than cigarette butts. As a non-smoker, I do not know if it simply too easy to flick one into the air after use. However, what I do understand is that these butts get carried away by rainwater into the sewers then into the water passages and eventually out into the sea. reports that cigarette litter takes up 32% of the total debris items worldwide because of plain carelessness. So give yourself and your friends a convenient way to dispose of their cigarette litter.

seed bombs

  • Seedbombs. Be a guerilla gardener! It is right about the only thing that you are allowed to toss around the streets. It is the only thing that you, Hansels and Gretels, can leave behind to trace your tracks. Waiting for the bus? Toss out a seedbomb. Throwing something into the trash? Slip a seedbomb in. To make your own, check out this article.

Heading out and you have all of the above in tow? Now you ARE good to go.

What other essentials do you think we missed? 🙂

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