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Happiness 101: The Gratitude Experiment

#MUNIonThis: In a world whose inhabitants who in just the past few decades have become the most spoiled for choice and most exposed to previously unthinkable feats and luxuries (i.e. the industrial revolution, man on the moon, chemotherapy, the internet, smartphones, etc.), it seems ironic that man should still remain unhappy.

And maybe it’s actually these technological advancements that have made us feel that more and more is possible, leading us to feel more and more frustrated when we can’t make things happen. Because of all the things that should be at our fingertips, many of us may have also adopted the sense of entitlement that comes with these developments that we’ve forgotten to find joy in the simple things.

Now, perhaps you can take a moment and allow science to work in your favor once more, and show how and why expressing gratitude can work to make us happier individuals.

According to the video, respondents who participated in the exercise experienced a 2-4% increase in happiness just by writing a letter of gratitude, and a 4-19% increase in happiness when combining the writing with an actual call to the influential person respondents chose.

Furthermore, if you’re feeling particularly down in the dumps, then this simple experiment may do a lot more for you because they found that the greatest increase in happiness was present in respondent who walked in with the least happiness.

Who would’ve thought that this simple act of making others happy can significantly make you happier too? Give it a shot and let us know how it goes! 🙂