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Musiko Imbento


#MUNIonThis: One can create musical instruments out of bicycle parts, containers, toys and other found objects.

This is the principle behind MUSIKO IMBENTO, an open community of crafters, players and supporters of self-built and handmade musical instruments in the Philippines.

MUSIKO IMBENTO is also the title of the workshop/performance event happening on October 25, 2013, 7:00 p.m. at Sev’s Café (across the Cultural Center of the Philippines). Entrance to the event costs Php200 (Php100 of which is consumable at the café).

Discover, learn and play handmade musical instruments from the Philippines; and be inspired to create your own sound devices and musical instruments using repurposed materials and found objects.

The activity starts off with a series of presentations:

  • Handmade Musical Instruments Using Repurposed Coconut Shells (Cris Garcimo of Gentle Universe and Cocospheres),
  • Modular Synth + Modifications (Harvey Vasquez aka Wiquwi)
  • DIY Oscillator and CMOS Synth (Roger Lopez aka Inconnu Ictu)
  • Assemblage/Musical Instruments using Bicycle Parts and Other Found Objects + Circuit Bending 101 (Elemento featuring Sandata by Lirio Salvador)
  • Make Your Own Percussion using Trash Cans and Water Containers (Jean Paul Zialcita, Philippine Percussion Icon and creator of Kalidrum and Aquadrums).

Aside from the presentations, there will also be a special performance by Pasta Groove, and an Open Jam—guests are encouraged to bring their own handmade or self-built musical instruments. Prizes will be given to lucky guests. Shirts, CDs and other handmade items will be on sale as well, including Help Lirio Salvador fundraising t-shirts. (Lirio Salvador is a musician who created “experimental instruments based on his concept of ethno-industrial art/music;” he is recovering from a hit-and-run incident that happened in 2011.)

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