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JANUARY: Your World, Your Choice

#MUNIonThis: How much of your world lies in your hands?

You may not have chosen your parents, your birthplace, and yet whatever situation life gives us, we have the choice to respond in the way we want, and shape our own worlds for ourselves.

MUNILEAF Your World, Your Choice - Kasey 3
Artwork by Kasey Albano for the Muni x Moonleaf 2014 Planner

For the first month of the year, it’s important to remind ourselves of that fact so we can move with more purpose for the rest of the year and move closer to living our ideal lives and living in our ideal worlds. Here are a few things you can consider:

Be aware of your choices

Educate yourself on making more responsible options, and find out which areas you can add value to your community and the planet…and maybe event contribute to or collaborate with the MUNI community! 😀

Take control

Mindful living goes beyond awareness. We’re all about taking action too. You’re at the cause of things in your life; make good things happen!

Take baby steps

By making manageable changes to our daily lifestyle, we can create a lasting difference in our lives vs. short-lived New Year’s resolutions. You don’t have to move mountains to make a difference, in fact, we highly discourage tampering with mother nature! 🙂 [Read: You Don’t Have to be a “Go-Getter” To Do Better.]

Recognize Your Influence

How you respond to others affects how they respond as well, and you have the power to create change in others through your own lifestyle. Wield that power, live by example, and you’ll find that when you change your mindset and your behaviour, others will notice.

They might not change their ways immediately, but when they see the benefits that your empowered, existentialist thinking brings in your life, they just might want a piece of that in their lives.

It’s all about filling your world with all these small yet meaningful lifestyle changes, affecting your friends, and friends affecting their friends, and yes, ultimately working our way towards creating an ideal world where people are more conscious about their impact and move with more purpose.

Spread the word. Plant seeds. Create ripples. Move figurative mountains. And together, we just might change the world for the better. What choices will you make today?