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FEBRUARY: Make Someone's Day

#MUNIonThis: What makes you happy?

Psychologists have proven that one of the greatest contributors to overall happiness is how much gratitude you show and how much you make others happy as well.

For the month of February, we want to remind you of the many wonderful ways we can share love with others, whether we’re in a relationship or single, old or young, straight or gay, rich or broke.

Say “Thank you!”

You can opt to write a note, and if you can say it aloud, better! This could up your happiness anywhere from 2-19%! [Check out Happiness 101: The Gratitude Experiment]

Give compliments

A lot of times, we leave goof things left unsaid, and truth is, commending someone for good work, or openly appreciating someone’s nice outfit or pretty eyes or calming presence can do wonders for their self-esteem. Getting genuine praise feels pretty amazing! (And one way you can keep getting it for yourself is by genuinely praising others.) 😉


Sometimes, people just need someone to hear them out without judgment or advice. Many times, we listen to others because we’re waiting for our opening, our turn to speak. When was the last time you truly listened?

Spread good vibes

A simple smile goes a long way in changing your own psychology. And when you yourself are around other people who are smiling vs. other people who are frowning, you can feel the difference. It’s infectious! So perhaps it would be better to affect others positively, since happiness is way better when shared!

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MUNILEAF Make Someone's Day - Reg
Artwork by Reg Silva for the Muni x Moonleaf 2014 Planner