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Making Mindfulness Happen in Life & Work

#MUNIonThis: Do we give ourselves enough time to think about the intention with which we go about our days? And are we present and open enough to learning from others, and acknowledge that we actually have many resources to live and work more mindfully?

These are some questions some of the attendees of the MUNI Meetup: Mindful Life + Work last April 19 at A Space in Makati.

“The way of the essentialist means living by design, not by default.”
– Greg McKeown, author of Essentialism

The evening started with an introduction to what MUNI is about, a sharing by Jen Horn on 3 ways she designs mindfulness into her life, followed by a Mindful Listening exercise that helped participants unlock ways they can find more balance and purpose in their lives.

As we later discussed with the group, some participants realized there were ways for them to find a balance of self and others, work and family. As Chris Otero shared: “I have to be mindful about how to integrate everything rather than compartmentalizing”.

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Attendee Camille also shared that: “Society pressures you to have this corporate job, but is this really what I want to do with my life? Does it really contribute? Finding joy in your life doesn’t mean that you give in to the pressure of society but do what you love to do.”

Hindrances to living mindfully are more of the mindset, or “laziness”, which another participant admitted was one of his struggles. Got the fear of being “found out”? In our desire to live mindfully, we may not be “on” all the time, and that’s OKAY.

Starting the journey towards mindfulness need not begin with giant leaps and bounds, but in the constant daily discovery and application of what we learn to the experiences we go through each day.

When asked what resources they might have in living more mindfully, participants cited knowledge derived from the internet, yet most acknowledged that their best resources are the people around them, those who they can get new insights and inspiration from. And there was definitely no shortage of that at this MUNI Meetup.


After the group discussion, the crowd was introduced to some of the MUNI Market merchants who will be participating at the MUNI Market in Nuvali on May 21 including:

All throughout the night, guests also enjoyed refreshing lemongrass and purple potato leaf tea from Bayani Brew.

“MUNI really influenced us to be more mindful, even with our products, we try to go as local as possible. Our packaging also, we try to use reusable stuff and all. If you guys haven’t been to a MUNI Market before, it’s super super fun. It’s really nice to meet and converse with other like-minded people, other people who are super mindful,” shared Jaq Abergas of Jertie’s Kitchen.

We also welcomed one guest, Sophia Calugay, to share her advocacy with Fashion Revolution during the event as well. “Not many people know that the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. Half of the world’s pesticides are used to turn non organic cotton into textiles. 8000 chemicals are used as well to turn raw materials into what we have right now.”

This is all proof that there was no shortage of people to learn from in the room, as attendee Niña Terol perfectly encapsulated in her Instagram post where she says: “At tonight’s #MuniMeetup, old friends reconnected and met new ones, and I got to proudly tell my mom, “This is my tribe. These are my people.” (In a hip-hop kind of way, haha.) I truly believe there are no accidents when souls meet, and I’m grateful to everyone who’s been part of my journey. You are all my teachers in one way or another, and we all have so much to share. For everything big and small, THANK YOU!”


We are confident that together with this tribe of inspired, sometimes introverted but always introspective individuals, we can all create a culture where mindfulness and kindness is the norm.

If you haven’t yet joined a MUNI event, make sure to plan a trip to join us for the MUNI Market in Solenad 3, Nuvali on May 21 (see the Facebook event page here). Also bookmark June 8 for the next MUNI Meetup, and the THRIVE Camp for Creative Founders at Lotus Pod on June 24-26 (see the Facebook event page here).


Whether you’re just getting started on living mindfully, or are well on your way already, we aim to deliver resources and experiences, and bridge you with other folks who want to help create a better world too. Here’s how you can get started:

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