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Join Our MUNI Merchant Community

Does your company help promote healthy and sustainable lifestyles? Do you practice responsible consumption and production?

If so, do you want to be part of a MUNI Directory for Mindful Businesses? And be in our roster of merchants for a MUNI Market, Package-free Pop-ups, or our other business-focused learning, networking and selling events?

We’d love to know more about your company, what you stand for, why your products/services matter, and how we can all work together towards creating a healthier, more sustainable and waste-free world!

Fill out this form and if you qualify, we’ll include you in our directory and mailing list for updates on our upcoming MUNI Merchant opportunities as soon as we have them (dates and rates still TBD).

We’re looking to showcase cause-driven business in:

  • Home
  • Fashion
  • Lifestyle (Hobbies / Fitness)
  • Personal Care
  • Food & Beverage
  • Travel (Destinations / Tour Operators)

Some of the qualities / practices we look for in participating merchants:

  1. Help promote healthy, sustainable lifestyles for consumers
  2. Help conserve the natural environment (operations directly impact flora / fauna positively)
  3. Help preserve cultural heritage and traditions
  4. Be made with local materials / ingredients
  5. Be made with primarily organic and natural ingredients
  6. Be made with upcycled materials
  7. Be made with renewable material
  8. Conserve materials, energy and water resources in operations / production
  9. Practice resource-efficient delivery / distribution system
  10. Utilize reusable or eco-friendly packaging
  11. Positively impact staff and local community
  12. Employ an efficient refill or waste-recall / disposal system

If you currently possess some of these qualities and wish to continue working towards achieving more of them, then we’d love to have you be part of our directory! Fill out this form to apply.

Due to our limited manpower, going over merchant applications may take time, but we will review them on a rolling basis each month.

We may contact you should we have any additional questions, and you will be added to our directory if you’ve been vetted or approved. You will then be contacted / updated accordingly should we have a schedule for a future MUNI Market, or if we would like you to be part of a pop-up at one of our MUNI Meetups.

In the meantime, you may see updated on the MUNI Facebook page, join our Facebook Community, follow @muni_ph on Instagram, and keep posted on our upcoming events! 🙂

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