Be An Ambassador

The mindful, conscious culture we want to create in this world is only possible when shared, and amplified by others. And so, in March 2017, we’re launching a MUNI Ambassador Program to help us enable other passionate, like-minded individuals bring this philosophy, empowered mindset, and hopefully, positive change in behavior, into their own communities.

For our first batch of MUNI Ambassadors, we are looking for 4-6 individuals who:

  • Are working their way towards living in an increasingly mindful manner (whether in how you shop, eat, travel, work, etc. — and it’s totally okay if you’re not completely there yet!)
  • Believe in our philosophy of conscious consumption, mindful living, and owning the power of your personal choices
  • Seek to connect with other like-minded folks to help each other lead happier, healthier, more sustainable lives
  • Have the desire to create a culture of caring, and building the MUNI community
  • Have the dynamism and charisma to attract attendees and volunteers / team support to put events together
  • Have the determination to follow through on cause-driven projects

As an ambassador, you will get to:

  1. Be part of a MUNI Ambassador group where we:
    • Share lessons, teaching guides, and conduct learning sessions to equip you to become an advocate for mindful living in your community
    • Coach and support you through your own personal endeavor/s and journey towards a more mindful life
    • Have other fun, educational bonding activities like field trips or cookouts (wee!)
  2. Be in a position to positively influence and empower others to make more conscious choices
  3. Represent MUNI at conferences or various speaking engagements
  4. Meet thought leaders, practitioners and advocates of mindful, sustainable living through both MUNI-organized events or as a representative of MUNI at other events
  5. Have three (3) 1-on-1 coaching calls with MUNI founder Jen Horn to check in and guide you as a MUNI Ambassador and as a kick-ass, cause-driven creative throughout your ambassadorship
  6. Have your own profile on the MUNI team page

We are looking to roll out the pilot program from March 2017-August 2017, and are shortlisting interested ambassadors for our pilot batch until February 28, 2017.

As an ambassador, we ask that you to:

  • Be part of a 6-month program to acquaint yourself with the MUNI philosophy, community, and the MUNI brand of events. This will involve:
    1. Three (3) group Ambassador huddles (some offline, some online via Skype / Google Hangout) – first offline one pegged on March 11, 4-6PM, venue TBA
    2. Co-hosting one (1) MUNI Meetup at the upcoming MUNI Market on April 8-9 at Capitol Commons (for Manila-based ambassadors)
    3. Planning and organizing two (2) MUNI Meetups in your own community / city between April to August 2017
    4. Contributing two (2) posts to the MUNI blog including:
      • A post about a cause that matters the most to you right now (which may also be the topic of one of the meetups you host)
      • A post sharing insights from the meetups you host
    5. Engaging the MUNI Community with relevant posts on social media

The ambassadorship doesn’t end with the 6 months though. It is our hope, that through this program, you gain the knowledge, skills and network to continue carrying out MUNI Meetups in your community and sharing what you know by contributing to the blog, staying active in the MUNI Community group, and most importantly, growing into an increasingly mindful individual, and influencing more and more people in a positive way.

Shortlisted applicants will be contacted for an interview with MUNI founder Jen Horn on or before February 28 (depending on when you submit your application – and we suggest you do this sooner than later!), and chosen ambassadors will be notified via email from within the first week of March.

If you would like to get involved as a MUNI Ambassador, sign up in form below before February 28. 🙂