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Reimagining Local Fashion at MUNI Market 2017

Fashion is such a fast moving industry, where trends and styles are within arm’s reach. However, we do not realize the impact of fast fashion and how this is something we can control ourselves. We can easily do this by being more aware of what we purchase: what material it’s made of, where it’s from, how it’s made.

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5 Ways to Go Zero Waste at MUNI Market 2017

#MUNIonThis: A 2015 study in Science journal estimates millions of tons of plastic waste get dumped into our oceans annually, with middle-income nations, including the Philippines, among the top contributors. Furthermore, trash generated by Philippine cities is expected to increase by 165% in 2025.

But by conscious individual action to go “zero waste” in how we consume and dispose of things everyday, and collective action to enact proper solid waste management and waste reduction in our communities, we can change that figure.

Here are just some ways we can help get you started with a Zero Waste Lifestyle at the upcoming MUNI Market on April 8-9 at Capitol Commons!

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Fast Fashion: Shedding Light on The Dark Side of Fashion

Today, it only takes two weeks to get the latest trend from the runway to the racks. Fast Fashion is characterized by low-priced clothing, with up to 12 collections released in one year to encourage consumers to check out new styles and buy more to keep up with the trend.

Fast Fashion: The Dark Side of Fashion, a traveling exhibit curated by Dr. Claudia Banz of the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Hamburg, highlights the price paid by society and by the planet in that short two-week cycle.

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MUNI Meetup: Creativity & The Brain on October 5

This month, we spark a conversation on “Creativity & The Brain” by asking: What are our brain’s defaults, and how might we build good brain muscles to mindfully overcome them? How can we get manage self-defeating thoughts, creative blocks, and brain hyperactivity in order to focus, center ourselves and put our best, most meaningful work out there? Check out our interdisciplinary lineup of featured guests!

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Deane Miguel of Serious Studio, Niña Terol & Jen Horn: On Finding Your Voice, Speaking Your Truth, Making Your Mark

In the same way we try to detox and declutter our bodies, our physical spaces and our life priorities to lead our ideal lives, building a unique brand is a process of stripping away the non-essentials until you’re down to the core of what you want to communicate to the people you want to reach.

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Telling Your Brand's Compelling Story – a Mindful Workshop Series by MUNI

On 2 Saturday mornings in September, in an effort to serve the cause-driven creatives in the MUNI community, we will be piloting “Detox, Declutter & Design for Organizations” – a series of intimate, interactive mindful workshops, starting with storytelling workshops together with seasoned storytellers Niña Terol & Serious Studio.

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