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The Psychology of Creating A Waste-Free World

#MUNIonThis: Not everyone has a fiery zeal to protect the planet, and environmentalists can often be met with strange stares by their peers.

Many people can’t quite imagine having to bring around reusable receptacles and containers whenever they step out of the house. They can’t imagine never buy new clothes or gadgets again, etc. And now, they just don’t have enough time to DIY everything or enough money to bulk buy everything.

Some planet crusaders can take things to an extreme that other people find hard relating to. So how can we make this matter to people so that they care and act accordingly?

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Founder's Diary: Sharing the MUNI Story So Far

Going back to the core of MUNI, we believe in the power of each individual in impacting positive change for their community and the planet.

We may go through quarter life crises or get preoccupied with day jobs, freelance gigs, love, or other creative pursuits, but at the end of the day, the cause, the community, and the culture of caring that we want to create constantly brings us back home to MUNI.

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Founder's Diary: The Constant Quest for "How" in Creating A Sustainable Business

Most entrepreneurs have financial sustainability among their key priorities, and that can be challenging enough. But there are other things that I, along with several other entrepreneurs in the community aspire to sustain too: the planet, their team’s well-being, and their own well-being too.

I wonder: HOW might each business might approach this? HOW do I know in which area to start? HOW will I know if this is the right way?

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