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MUNI Meetup: Zero Waste Ways in Self-Care on Jan. 13

Join us on January 13, 2-6PM at PenBrothers in Makati, as we bring you low down on toxin-free, waste-free personal care with our MUNI Meetup on Zero Waste Self-care.

Whether you’re just getting started on a more natural, plastic-free beauty and hygiene regimen, or have your own tried and tested products or routines that you may want to share, we’d love for you to join us!

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Conscious Christmas List: 20 Zero Waste Gift Ideas for Every Budget


While I feel we should spend more time and resources on creating special memories with loved ones vs. filling their lives with more stuff, we recognize that people WILL consume nonetheless. Fortunately, there are products / gift ideas that are actually useful and meaningful. 

I’ve made a rundown of Zero Waste Gift Ideas for varying budgets, recipient personas (for the foodies, the style savvy, zero waste explorers, travelers, etc.), and recipient sensibilities to zero waste living (from not so savvy, to those ready take it to the next level).

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The Psychology of Creating A Waste-Free World

#MUNIonThis: Not everyone has a fiery zeal to protect the planet, and environmentalists can often be met with strange stares by their peers.

Many people can’t quite imagine having to bring around reusable receptacles and containers whenever they step out of the house. They can’t imagine never buy new clothes or gadgets again, etc. And now, they just don’t have enough time to DIY everything or enough money to bulk buy everything.

Some planet crusaders can take things to an extreme that other people find hard relating to. So how can we make this matter to people so that they care and act accordingly?

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MUNI Meetup: Creativity & The Brain on October 5

This month, we spark a conversation on “Creativity & The Brain” by asking: What are our brain’s defaults, and how might we build good brain muscles to mindfully overcome them? How can we get manage self-defeating thoughts, creative blocks, and brain hyperactivity in order to focus, center ourselves and put our best, most meaningful work out there? Check out our interdisciplinary lineup of featured guests!

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Founder's Diary: The Constant Quest for "How" in Creating A Sustainable Business

Most entrepreneurs have financial sustainability among their key priorities, and that can be challenging enough. But there are other things that I, along with several other entrepreneurs in the community aspire to sustain too: the planet, their team’s well-being, and their own well-being too.

I wonder: HOW might each business might approach this? HOW do I know in which area to start? HOW will I know if this is the right way?

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The Real “Internet of Things”: On Technology, Psychology & Ecology

The real “Internet of Things” in this day and age is finding true connection with ourselves and with each other, and having an awareness of the impact of the things we do. It is being grounded in history, nature and tradition, without shunning technological advancement and globalization, but instead, finding ways to create more connections between these by turning on that switch in our mind that is usually off.

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