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Join Our MUNI Merchant Community

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Does your company help promote healthy and sustainable lifestyles? Do you practice responsible consumption and production? If so, do you want to be part of a MUNI Directory for Mindful Businesses? And be in our roster of merchants for a MUNI Market, Package-free Pop-ups, or our other business-focused learning, networking and selling events? We’d love to know more

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MUNI Meetup: Zero Waste Ways in Self-Care on Jan. 13

Join us on January 13, 2-6PM at PenBrothers in Makati, as we bring you low down on toxin-free, waste-free personal care with our MUNI Meetup on Zero Waste Self-care.

Whether you’re just getting started on a more natural, plastic-free beauty and hygiene regimen, or have your own tried and tested products or routines that you may want to share, we’d love for you to join us!

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Insights on Zero Waste Ways in Business – Part 1: A Discussion with Advocates

Over the years, we’ve seen the MUNI community growing, taking more interest in reducing waste and needless consumption, and see how greater impact can be created beyond their own consumer behavior through change within bigger business entities, from SMEs to large corporations.

As such, we endeavored our first MUNI Meetup on Zero Waste Ways in Business last November 11, to jumpstart that conversation.

In a utopian world, one would hope that all businesses do good for goodness’ sake, and be intrinsically motivated to be more mindful. But perhaps by giving them extrinsic motivation — in the form of savings, more income, brand love, or government fines — so much so that reducing  / eliminating waste becomes the norm / default / commonplace, we can help develop more mindful habits and culture in business and in our own daily consumption, of thinking before we use another piece of non-biodegradable single-use packaging.

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Conscious Christmas List: 20 Zero Waste Gift Ideas for Every Budget


While I feel we should spend more time and resources on creating special memories with loved ones vs. filling their lives with more stuff, we recognize that people WILL consume nonetheless. Fortunately, there are products / gift ideas that are actually useful and meaningful. 

I’ve made a rundown of Zero Waste Gift Ideas for varying budgets, recipient personas (for the foodies, the style savvy, zero waste explorers, travelers, etc.), and recipient sensibilities to zero waste living (from not so savvy, to those ready take it to the next level).

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6 Zero Waste Travel Tips from an Island Manager and a Solo Female Traveler

If we are not more mindful, travel can be one of our most environmentally disruptive activities. When we travel, we usually expect our surroundings to adjust to us and the comforts we are used to. In order to truly travel sustainably and mindfully, this perspective has to shift towards us, as visitors of a place, adjusting to the environment and the norms of the place we are visiting. Check out more insights from our recent MUNI Meetup on Travel!

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Conscious Consumerism won't save the world — not alone

“On its face, conscious consumerism is a morally righteous, bold movement. But it’s actually taking away our power as citizens. It drains our bank accounts and our political will, diverts our attention away from the true powerbrokers, and focuses our energy instead on petty corporate scandals and fights over the moral superiority of vegans.” LOL

While I agree with a lot of the points the author made, thinking objectively, I still believe that generating awareness in conscious or responsible consumption is an important step in that mindset shift towards creating a healthier, more sustainable world.

Being conscious about our choices is a start. It’s not enough, but I’m hopeful that it’s enough to at least get people started on thinking about how else they can get involved, or what else they can do to more actively change the world for the better, while still not necessarily having to give up their jobs to set up an NGO and start a mass protest (not unless more diplomatic means fail).

What’s your take?

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