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Insights on Zero Waste Ways in Business – Part 1: A Discussion with Advocates

Over the years, we’ve seen the MUNI community growing, taking more interest in reducing waste and needless consumption, and see how greater impact can be created beyond their own consumer behavior through change within bigger business entities, from SMEs to large corporations.

As such, we endeavored our first MUNI Meetup on Zero Waste Ways in Business last November 11, to jumpstart that conversation.

In a utopian world, one would hope that all businesses do good for goodness’ sake, and be intrinsically motivated to be more mindful. But perhaps by giving them extrinsic motivation — in the form of savings, more income, brand love, or government fines — so much so that reducing  / eliminating waste becomes the norm / default / commonplace, we can help develop more mindful habits and culture in business and in our own daily consumption, of thinking before we use another piece of non-biodegradable single-use packaging.

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6 Zero Waste Travel Tips from an Island Manager and a Solo Female Traveler

If we are not more mindful, travel can be one of our most environmentally disruptive activities. When we travel, we usually expect our surroundings to adjust to us and the comforts we are used to. In order to truly travel sustainably and mindfully, this perspective has to shift towards us, as visitors of a place, adjusting to the environment and the norms of the place we are visiting. Check out more insights from our recent MUNI Meetup on Travel!

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3 Steps To Tell Your Brand's Truth Well with Niña Terol

Marketing and Public Relations should not be about encouraging business owners and marketers to make a company out to be something it’s not. Although there may still be consumers this ploy works on, more and more consumers are much smarter about decoding hyperboles and flat-out lies dished out by some marketers or PR practitioners who are focused on driving more sales than sharing authentic stories.

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