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MUNI Meetup: Zero Waste Ways in Self-Care on Jan. 13

Join us on January 13, 2-6PM at PenBrothers in Makati, as we bring you low down on toxin-free, waste-free personal care with our MUNI Meetup on Zero Waste Self-care.

Whether you’re just getting started on a more natural, plastic-free beauty and hygiene regimen, or have your own tried and tested products or routines that you may want to share, we’d love for you to join us!

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MUNI Meetup: Creativity & The Brain on October 5

This month, we spark a conversation on “Creativity & The Brain” by asking: What are our brain’s defaults, and how might we build good brain muscles to mindfully overcome them? How can we get manage self-defeating thoughts, creative blocks, and brain hyperactivity in order to focus, center ourselves and put our best, most meaningful work out there? Check out our interdisciplinary lineup of featured guests!

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Deane Miguel of Serious Studio, Niña Terol & Jen Horn: On Finding Your Voice, Speaking Your Truth, Making Your Mark

In the same way we try to detox and declutter our bodies, our physical spaces and our life priorities to lead our ideal lives, building a unique brand is a process of stripping away the non-essentials until you’re down to the core of what you want to communicate to the people you want to reach.

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