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#MUNIonThis: What if you could be part of something bigger than yourself, and contribute something you’re good at and enjoy doing?

We’re looking for contributors in creating a new culture of awareness & creativity;
People with important things to say, and creative ways of sharing them;
People who muse on their own, then dare to ask questions and start conversations;
People who dream big, while seeing the impact of a million small things put together.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, writer, environmentalist, psychologist, yogi, designer, photographer, musician, student, teacher, or traveler – we’ve all got a voice in our heads telling us there’s something we can do to make our lives and the world we live in a little better each day. And we’d love to be a creative avenue for you to influence others in a positive way!


Let’s put our creative skills to good use – generate awareness and action about social and environmental issues / causes! Submit a post here! Whatever medium you choose (words, illustrations, photos, or videos), as long as it’s something we can post online, game!


If you love the messages we have to share at MUNI, then share & tweet posts you love on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, blog about us, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates. We really believe each of us has the power to influence our own social circles, and we hope you choose do that with our content!


We make it a point to create offline events where we can all come together, exchange ideas, and maybe set the stage for collaborating on future projects. Some of our events are free, and some are paid, and we always appreciate it when you help promote our events and join us! Sign up for our mailing list and check out our upcoming events every now and then!


MUNI started as a passion project with the belief that, in synergy with other individuals, each person can make a difference. If you believe in our MUNIfesto, and if you too would like to help change the world in your own way, and have MUNI as a steadfast companion, your sponsorship will help us maintain the site and come up with new content, features and events. To sponsor an event or campaign, please e-mail us at 🙂


Be part of the ComMUNIty (ho ho ho) and fill out our Creative Collaboration Ideation Form Thing or holla for future collaborations!

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You may also join the MUNI Facebook Group to better interact with other like-minded folks online.

Thank you so much for your support!

Team Muni


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