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MUNI Meetups are community get-togethers that aim to gather cause-driven creatives to start meaningful conversations on how we can live more sustainably, and create connections to work towards a healthier, more sustainable world.


MUNI Meetups normally run for 3-4 hours, centered on a particular theme on mindful living, whether on conscious consumption, zero waste, sustainable dining, travel, and so on, and are open to the public. Our MUNI Meetups involve a lot of room for interaction, learning and networking. We have mindful listening activities, introductory talks, panel and group discussions, as well as a package-free pop-up that corresponds with the theme of the meetup. Although we mix it up every now and then, we let you know more about what to expect from an upcoming meetup when we publish the event details for it here on our blog or on our Facebook pageSo far, we’ve also explored meetups in CebuIloiloCagayan de Oro, and Naga as well, even as far as Berlin, Germany and the USA, adding up to some 60 meetups as of 2019.


Our attendees are a mix of entrepreneurs, corporate employees, development workers, community leaders, freelancers, and students, ranging from 13 to 60+ years old, but with majority between 25-35 years old, of varying degrees of sustainability sensibility. It really doesn’t matter where you are in your journey towards a more sustainable life as long as you come with an open mind, an open heart, and a willingness to learn from and share thoughts with your fellow attendees!


Tickets / registration is normally released one (1) month prior to the meetup date. Sign up for our mailing list to get immediate updates and first dibs on Insider / Early Bird tickets! 




We loved bringing the community together, but in 2020, we decided we would focus more on creating digital content, while also hopefully encouraging others to host their own versions of our meetups, no matter how big or small. If you'd like to be a MUNI Ambassador and host your own meetups, get in touch with us! We'd love to co-create a vision for our ambassadors in 2020!

MUNI Travels

Like an extended MUNI Meetup on wheels, MUNI Travels is an immersive experience that shows participants the possibilities of a more livanble world. With direct interaction with conservationists, organic farmers and social entrepreneurs in their place of work, our trips aim to connect travelers with a wider community that can support their journey towards a more mindful life.


While we don’t see travelers necessarily cutting back on their flights, or airlines switching from fossil fuels just yet, we do see that there are opportunities to create a travel experience that positively impacts both the traveler and the locals (human, flora and fauna) alike.



  • We believe in the power of travel to help you recharge, and reimagine your world, simply by giving you the time and space to step away from your day-to-day, reconnect with nature, and reignite inspiration through those you meet in your journey -- locals and fellow travelers.

  • We believe in travel that transforms the individual by showing him/her that a sustainable life is possible in the places we visit, and that valuable lessons can be applied well after the trip.

  • We believe that responsible travel = mindful, sustainable living. And we believe that our impact as travelers in any destination begins before we ever set foot in that place, and long after.

Learn more about the past MUNI Travels here.

Employee Eco-Engagement

How can I infuse my company with a sustainability mindset? How can I get my team / employees to adopt sustainable practices in and out of the workplace? We’ve often received these inquiries from companies both big and small. And while this change doesn’t happen overnight, by showing employees simple sustainable practices, and giving them incentive (both intrinsic and extrinsic) to lower their environmental footprint, we can help spur a change in culture and gives your company (and the environment) a wealth of benefit.

Through our various educational and engaging learning formats and network of social innovators, we can bring a more mindful employee mindset into your business through events tailored to suit your company and your objectives, no matter where you and your employees are on your sustainability journey.

To do business with a conscience is to create a culture and reputation of sustainability leadership. We find that the best sustainability advocates / endorsers for your company are the team itself, and how they live out sustainability as an influence of the company’s employee engagement activities, and day-to-day business practices and policies. External communication is heard louder and clearer if it is clear internally as well.

Event Partnerships

We also work together with other like-minded groups to co-create events for sustainability. From conferences or summits to capacity-building workshops and more, we can help you develop meaningful programming and content.

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Whether you’re just getting started on living mindfully, or are well on your way already, we aim to deliver resources and experiences, and bridge you with other folks who want to help create a better world too. If you have any questions or ideas for collaboration, just send us a message. We look forward to hearing from you! :)

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