2018: Our big year for zero waste + our first 2019 event

Finally, it’s going mainstream! 🙂 2018 was a big year for us and mindful living, riding the momentum from the buzz generated about “zero waste” in 2017. It was such a talked about issue that the word “single-use” was dubbed as word of the year! It’s about time people really got more conscious about sustainability!

[We’ve asked you how we can help you and work together on this mission. Thank you for those of you who’ve responded! If you haven’t yet, our MUNI Community Survey will be a great exercise this New Year to reflect upon your sustainability journey so far! We’d love to learn more about it!]

In 2018, we talked about the different ways we can be as “zero waste” and sustainable as possible in the areas of self-care, home, fashion, dining, travel, ocean plasticevents, and design. We hosted 11 MUNI Meetups, in Manila and Bacolod (engaging over 700 attendees), 2 meaningful MUNI Travels to Negros, and 9 Employee Eco-Engagement events with 5 corporations! Whew! What a year it’s been!

We couldn’t have managed this without the participation of all of our panelists, partner NGOs, merchants, collaborators, interns, volunteers, and each one of you who continuously engage with us and keep us going.

We’re also energized by all the new folks entering the scene that we’ve yet to collaborate or connect with!

*** Just in the past few days, we also joined over 60,000 people say #DropBalloonDrop, and made a statement against the wasteful consumption and disposal of 130,000 balloons for Cove Manila’s NYE celebration.

When people come together, we can make things happen!

We wouldn’t have been made aware of this and mobilized without The Climate Reality Project Philippines and Save Philippine Seas. And credit goes to each and every person that tried to make their voices heard.

This is one win, but the mission is not over to continue trying to change people’s mindsets (and not just their one-off behavior), and create a culture of more mindfulness of our consumption and impact.

This coming 2019, we’re taking our cue from the feedback you’ve been giving us, and doing what we can with the resources we have.

We’ll be sharing more info about our 2019 plans at MUNI Open House pegged on January 26, where we’ll feature some of our MUNI Community members whose personal sustainability journeys we’d love to share with you, and showcase some partners and solutions for you to kickstart the New Year woke and inspired!

If you’d like to collaborate with us for this, just contact us and tell us about what you do / how you’d like to collaborate!

The event will be free for anyone to attend, and we’ll be posting more details on our Facebook page and Instagram in the coming weeks. So, tell your friends and family too, and get more support while exercising your influence as you move forward with mindful living!

Looking forward to bigger, better, more action-oriented 2019 with you! See you then!

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