8 Groups Filipino Entrepreneurs Should Know About In 2013

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Have you always wanted set up or grow your own business and create something that actually matters?

The aspiring, and existing, Filipino entrepreneur has more tools than ever to set up his or her own startup. From idea incubation, funding, mentorship, education/training, and networking, here are just some of the relatively new organizations that are helping build “support groups” to accelerate the growth of business and entrepreneurship in the Philippines.

#1 IdeaSpace

IdeaSpace is a program that aims to help budding “technopreneurs” create game-changing technology-based solutions and in effect, successful commercial products. IdeaSpace Foundation Inc. aims to do this through its national competition. 10 winning ideas will receive funding and support worth Php2M for the first phase of their project and up to Php5M additional capital during or after six months into the program. But more than just the “angel investing”, Ideaspace takes it further through incubation, mentorship and creating a support group of like-minded people. See contest details and mechanics here. Deadline for submissions is January 7, 2013. 

During Ideaspace’s #FacesofChange event last December 15, 2012: with Chito Bustamante & Dennis Mendiola of Chikka, Maria Ressa of Rappler, Earl Valencia of IdeaSpace, Arianne David of Sulit, Marthyn Cuan of IdeaSpace, and Ann Jacobe of Shoephoric.

Left: Competition poster; top center: the author with Chelle Gray of WeOW and GDG & GBG Philippines; top right: Francesca Zimmer-Santos of Co.lab Xchange and Rina Malonzo of PortfolioMNL; lower right: Patch Dulay of The Spark Project, sorry, me again, Prim Paypon of Project Pagsulong, Maria Ressa of Rappler, Jhao Carandang of TOSP Alumni Community, and other friends 🙂

#2 Kickstart

Kickstart is another holistic support system for technopreneurs, that provides facilities and tools for building testing, funding, coaching, and network-building. It also supports events like Startup Weekend Manila, which is an intense 54 hours of idea generation, business model creation, coding, designing and market validation. And it doesn’t matter which telecommunications company started IdeaSpace or which one created Kickstart, the important thing is that both of them are doing something to develop the entrepreneurial talent in the country. Learn more about Kickstart and how to apply here.

#3 Co.lab Xchange #4 LGT Venture Philanthropy

Co.lab Xchange is a co-working space for solo entrepreneurs, freelancers and creative individuals who simply don’t function well in a rigid office cubicle type of setting. Working at Co.lab allows you to work amongst like-minded people who you can bounce ideas off of when your stuck, making Co.lab an incubator of ideas for potential & existing startups. They also run a program in partnership with LGT Venture Philanthropy called Smiling World Accelerator Program (SWAP), which provides hands-on business consulting and customized financial support (up to USD 50,000 per organization) to outstanding, early-stage social enterprises with a high potential for scale and positive impact. Application forms can be downloaded hereDeadline for applications is January 27th, 2013.

#5 The Spark Project

Comparable to the New York-based Kickstarter project, The Spark Project aims to be a platform to connect creative individuals with great ideas to like-minded people with big hearts and ample wallets. Pitch a “spark” project, whether it’s a solo exhibit, a social enterprise, a film, or an event, get hooked up with backers who believe in what you’re striving for. The sites launches in February, but in the meantime, you can spread the word about it here.

#6 Women Entrepreneurs on the Web (WeOW) & Google Business Groups (GBG)

WeOW is an initiative spearheaded by Google, aimed at helping women-owned businesses grow their online presence. As part of the program, participants will to learn to build their online presence, collaborate effectively, connect with their customers, promote their organization, and track & optimize their efforts, through workshops on the use of Google business tools. They’ll be rolling out the program next year, and Muni will be keeping you posted on updates for that. In the meantime, check out WeOW here.

At the 1st WeOW meetup — Seated, front row: Chit Juan of the Women’s Business Council and Echo Store, Yolyn Ang of Google SEA and helle Gray of WeOW and GDG & GBG Philippines; standing between Chit and Yolyn is Ros Juan, GBG Manila Community Manager 🙂

#7 Homegrown PH

Homegrown PH is a relatively new online publication for Filipino entrepreneurs, providing articles to guide startups, covering topics such as business basics, idea generation, money matters, tech support, and social good. Homegrown also creates events that bring homegrown brands and entrepreneurs together. Check out Homegrown here.

At the Homegrown Holiday Hoopla sponsored by Smart & ZodioPH — Top left: the author with Candice Quimpo of Homegrown; Top center: one of the most amazing couples you’ll meet, Reese Fernandez-Ruiz of Rags2Riches and Mark Ruiz of Hapinoy; Matt Lapid of Juan Great Leap and Noreen Bautista of Jacinto & Lirio; Kat Buyoc of Ylla Shoes, Noreen, Candice, graphic designer Carlo Eustaqio, and Arriane Serafico of Wanderrgirl

#8 Muni PH

Muni aims to be the guide for mindful living, and while this covers a lot of topics, Muni likes to showcase local / social enterprises — sharing ideas and stories of entrepreneurs who have considered the impact their business on their community or the planet, and in effect, challenging today’s entrepreneur to rethink how they do business. With conscious consumption as one of Muni’s primary advocacies, we also hope to educate consumers to engage in better buying behavior through our features and by bringing like-minded entrepreneurs together for events like Muni Pop-Up Shop, alongside upcoming meet-ups and networking events in 2013.

Our featured brand partners – (clockwise from bottom left) 1. Lei Camiling-Alfonso of Caleb’s Closet Ecostore with her cloth diapers, natural home & body care products; 2. Noreen Bautista & Anne Krystle Mariposa of Jacinto & Lirio with their plant-leather based bags & journals; 3. Marvine Sy & Kendrick Co of Lagu with their beach-friendly beach blankets; 4. with Dannica Kim of Punchdrunk Panda with PdP’s graphic-designed camera straps, shoes & laptop sleeves

It’s time we all band together to share ideas and strategies to create and support better products that raise the standards of Filipino businesses, to look beyond only profits as entrepreneurs, or the cheapest bargain as consumers, and see in the long run, the choices we make everyday do matter.

With 2012 coming to a close, many anticipate the end of the world, but I only see it as the end of the old world – the old ways we’ve been doing things. 2013 will definitely be explosive — with new ideas, turned into action, and everyone connecting with each other to create this shift in consciousness that I’m convinced will happen in the coming year.

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