A Technology-Enhanced MUNI Market 2016 Experience

Having built a community of cause-driven entrepreneurs around its MUNI Markets & MUNI Meetups, MUNI now embarks on a brave experiment with the upcoming MUNI Market on May 21 at Solenad 3 in Nuvali.

While sticking to the MUNI Market fashion of showcasing healthy, local and eco-friendly products, providing learning opportunities between producers and consumers, and engaging local musicians to perform, there are exciting things MUNI is doing differently this year.

Beep and Buy

Apart from introducing new merchants into the mix, having more activities for kids, and taking the MUNI message of mindful living to a whole new location in the south, MUNI aims to create a novel experience for event goers through an easy one-time payment system. Guests simply need to cash-in at designated loading stations of the event, allowing you to navigate from merchant to merchant and buy with the tap of a card.

“We’re so happy with our merchants’ openness to this new technology, and we’re excited for guests to try it out with us on May 21. This is how we envision our events moving forward, as it will enhance the experience for merchants and consumers alike, and help us gain a better understanding of consumer preferences and merchant performance, which in turn will guide us in creating even better events in the future,” said MUNI founder and CEO Jen Horn.

The Only MUNI Market for 2016

“We’ve always seen the MUNI Markets as more than an avenue to sell products. We see it as an avenue to increase learning, build community, and create meaningful collaborations. Even if we already promote a more conscious type of consumerism, the goal is really beyond that,” shared Jen.

And so, it is with this same philosophy that the MUNI team has decided to reduce their MUNI Markets from bi-annual events to once a year events instead, to make their 2017 event bigger, better, and more anticipated by both merchants and consumers alike.

A Community For Cause-Driven Creatives

“The MUNI Market is just one way by which we forge more meaningful connections and spread the word about mindful living, but it’s one of the best ways to see that there really is increasing support for this culture of caring that we’d like to create,” Jen added.

Moving forward, MUNI seeks to develop more content and programs for cause-driven creatives, whether through their bi-monthly MUNI Meetups, their website, or more mindful business workshops.

“We want to help you realize that yes, we have the power in our hands to shape the world we wish to live in, and that we are not alone in this, and yup, there are other idealistic but pragmatic, seemingly crazy but super awesome people who are in this with us,” shared Jen.

Check out the lineup of merchants and activities you can expect from the MUNI Market at, and follow Muni PH on Facebook, and @muni_ph on Twitter and Instagram.

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