Building Critical Mass Awareness of Climate Change

#MUNIonThis: How can media and advertising allow ordinary citizens to join the fight against climate change?

Redraw The Line, Media Alliance and ADB’s whole day seminar on “Building Critical Mass Awareness of Climate Change – Engaging Media, Advertising and Entertainment” could not have been more appropriately timed. While Maring and this week’s torrential rains brought Manila to a standstill, yesterday’s speakers allowed this author to see not just what can be done, but what was already being done, and with the proper social media and advertising strategies, how to empower ordinary citizens to join the fight against climate change.

The Power of Knowledge, The Power of One

The power of each individual was a theme echoed by many speakers at the event, and all agreed that arming oneself with information was the best form of power. For researcher Glenn Banaguas, this meant “layman-izing” the language of climate change, making it fit for mass consumption, while Regina Reyes of ABS-CBN believes that journalists themselves must understand the impact of climate change in order to aptly report its effects.

Climate and Mainstream Media

“Media is all about awareness,” said Chris Ng in his presentation for WWF. By engaging the masses through social media, not only are we sparking change; the breadth of information is also expanded as they respond and communicate in turn. What’s more, Amor Maclang of Geiser Maclang Marketing Communications states that caring for the environment is just good business sense− ecotourism, for example, engages the community surrounding these businesses and makes use of a key marketing tool: information.

What can we do NOW?

When asked if they could underline one act which any citizen could employ in the fight against climate change, the panelists had many different suggestions. Many, once again, prompted listeners to educate themselves and share information through social media. One even suggested growing your own food, while another suggested that the fight against climate change was less about a single act, rather the process of making everyday life more efficient.

There is no denying the reality of climate change and the magnitude of its effects. However, ADB’s seminar was not simply about the statistics of climate change, but how we might be able to spread information on this issue in order to spark change, and in this manner, become a part of the solution.

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