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Light, colorful and affordable, balloons have traditionally been a part of special occasions. In recent years, they’ve been released in the air in huge batches, to give events a joyful flair. But what happens to balloons long after celebrations are done?

As the law of gravity states: what goes up must go down. Over time, balloons float back down and land in the ocean, where wildlife such as coastal birds, whales, dolphins and turtles mistake them for food. Ingesting balloon fragments blocks their digestive tract, which can be poisonous and deadly.

What’s more, animals could become entangled in the ribbons and the string; these restrict their movement, which is a main cause of drowning.

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The simple, well-meaning act of releasing balloons could cause long-term harm on the environment. A realization sets in: a few hours of seeing balloons up in the sky at the expense of wildlife is really not worth it.

The good news is, there are other ways to celebrate events sans balloons, but just as festive:

  1. Personalized decorations such as pinwheels, streamers and flags are unique and are ideal craft projects for children.  Plus points if these are made from recycled materials!

  2. Nature still provides the most beautiful decorations. Artfully arranged, fruits, flowers and ornamental greens transform ordinary places into something special.

  3. Use lights to create a difference. Celebrated across the globe, the annual Earth Hour encourages everyone to switch off lights for an hour – all for intelligent energy use and respect for the environment.

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Got any other ideas for eco-conscious party decor? Please share in a comment below! We’d love to hear your ideas!

Article contributed by Des Arellano When she’s not writing advertising copy for her day job in a leisure/hospitality destination, Des likes to travel, take pictures, dive with turtles, eat, and try anything (legal) at least once in her lifetime. You can check out more of what she’s up to at

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