Crowdfunding Passion-Driven "Spark" Projects in the Philippines

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What if, from the comfort of your own home, with the ease of a click, you could help fund a Filipino project that you connect with, AND get rewarded for it?Or what if you could engage other Filipinos to support an idea that you’d like to turn into action but just don’t have the funds for?

The Spark Project is a crowdfunding platform for creative, innovative, and passion-driven projects, and they’ve made it possible for you to browse through projects and find a pursuit that speaks to heart or ignites a spark and choose to support it through a financial contribution.

A lot of times “sparks” die because the idea generator lacks the funds to back it up and turn that idea into a reality. The Spark Project aims to change this and address the country’s need for more active citizens and entrepreneurs. “We believe that if Filipinos are given access to a platform where they can take control over funding their entrepreneurial ideas, we can increase economic activity and help alleviate poverty in the Philippines” shares Patch Dulay, The Spark Project’s Chief Collaborator.

Patch Dulay talking about the inspiration for The Spark Project during their launch last Feb. 16, with Raf Dionisio of Offbeat Pursuits, Neil Ledesma of Lagon Custom Guitars, Meggie Valdez and Roanna Medinato of Paint Some Happy, fellow sparker Noreen Bautista, and Jopaw Villarosa of Hinabi sa Pilipinas

The Spark Project’s four pilot projects include:

  1. Paint Some Happy Project Meggie Valdes and Roanna Medinato shared their proactive movement to paint the walls of pediatric wards with hope-inspiring art with the goal of improving the children’s well-being, and that of the painters as well.

  2. Hinabi sa Pilipinas Jopaw Villarosa talked about his passion for promoting the indigenous peoples’ culture by producing market quality watches using indigenous weaves like Tinalak from Mindanao.

  3. Lagon Custom Guitars Niel Ledesma talked about Padayon Musika Inc., an enterprise in Iloilo that markets high-end guitars custom-made from bamboo, to preserve the superior craftsmanship of luthier Agustin Lagon.

  4. Offbeat Pursuits Raf Dionisio shared his passion for travel by seeking to create high-quality but accessible videos showcasing the best of Philippine offbeat destinations.

Raf Dionisio pitching his project Offbeat Pursuits at the Spark Project launch

Are you just a dreamer or are you also a doer?

So many times, we have all these great ideas or things we wish others would do, but a lot of times are paralyzed by overanalyzing, and the lack of channels to make ideas happen. It doesn’t have to be that way for long.

Find a project you’d like to fuel now, or submit a Spark Project of your own! (And if you’re shy about asking for money, watch this awesome TED talk by artist Amanda Palmer of the Dresden dolls on crowdfunding)

The Spark Project team: Patch Dulay, Krz Lopez, Chux Gaza, Lagon Guitar’s Neil Ledesma, Paolo Agloro, Ian Corpuz & Noreen Bautista inviting you to spark it now 🙂

The Spark Project

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