Cultivating Habits for Mindful Living at MUNI Market 2016

#MUNIonThis: Have you ever wanted to make more positive changes in your life but just didn’t know where to start, didn’t have compelling enough reasons to commit to change (yet), or didn’t know who to ask?

Depending on where we are in our lives, or what our priorities may be, the pursuit of a more mindful life may begin in one area, whether in your diet, your style, or other otherwise unnoticed habits in our lifestyle.

Whatever your initial reasons are for exploring more mindful lifestyle choices, we’ve made sure that there’s something for everyone to see and discover at the MUNI Market to prove that these changes are beneficial, admirable, and relatively easy, especially when armed with the right information.

Put Your Thoughts On A Plate

A huge part of our lives revolves around the decisions we make around food, and even as we eat our lunch, we may sometimes already be thinking about our dinner.

Merchants at the MUNI Market encouraged us to look beyond eating as a mindless habit, but as a process we can get more involved in. Consumers learned more about more wholesome ingredients they could use in their cooking, whether through vegan options from Jertie’s Kitchen or The Superfood Grocer, organic produce from Lotus Pod & Holy Carabao, or pasture-raised meats from Down To Earth.

Hindy Weber-Tantoco and Melanie Teng-Co of Holy Carabao farms also helped shed light on healthier food options through an interactive Q&A with event goers and fellow merchants, while Jaq & Jertie Abergas of Jertie’s Kitchen shared a simple vegan recipe to help you cool down in the hot weather.

We also took cues from different ways our food is prepared or the freshness of ingredients used from other food entrepreneurs like Bayani Brew, Food Source PH, Starr’s Brew Kombucha, Nipa Foods, Picole, Pizza Morena, Theo & Philo Chocolates & Thirsty Turtle.

Mindfulness In Your Style & Space

The things we wear everyday also directly impacts the industry’s we keep alive, and how our planet’s resources are used. We showcased local footwear brand Risque Designs which uses hablon textiles from Negros, wood carvings from Paete, assembled in Marikina, or local bag brands like Gugu, with saluyot and upcycled cotton woven in Naga, Gouache waxed canvas bags, or Yadu’s one-of-a-kind bags from upcycled fabric scraps.

The things we surround ourselves with in our home with can also be purchased consciously when we choose to add greens into our living spaces with The Green House Project, or use salvaged wood and other upcycled materials vs. cutting more trees like one of our favorite newcomers Tinker Knot Handmade Design & Supply helps us do.

Cleanliness with Consciousness

Personal and home care products are often forgotten in a quest for a more conscious lifestyle, but these are integral components of our everyday lives that we can be more considerate about too, with more natural products free of harmful chemicals, parabens or SLEs, and that much closer to nature with Oil of Argan, V&M Naturals, Wonder Paws, Satinka Naturals.

Also introduced at this MUNI Market were Sinaya Cup’s menstrual cups, an eco-friendly option for women to cope with their monthly period without adding to piling waste in landfills.

Start Mindful Habits While They’re Young

This MUNI Market in Nuvali was also decidedly more family-friendly with more activities for the young ones to get involved in caring for mother nature with a Toy Stories Upcycling Workshop by Katch PH, Seed Planting and Coloring Workshop by Treehugger World. Local kids’ clothing brand Silly Monkey also raffled off hypoallergenic kids’ plushies made with scrap fabric from their dresses. 🙂

Catalyzing Change With The Creative Community

Of course, no MUNI Market would be complete without our curation of local music acts to soothe, serenade, and make our fellow Filipinos proud, with performances by Gentle Universe, Paola Mauricio and Mellow Submarine.

We value engaging creatives from all fields and sincerely believe that these influencers and early adopters are key in helping make a mindful life a desirable one. 🙂

We also introduced a unique market experience with our Beep & Buy system which allowed event goers to support our merchants with a tap of a card.

See more photos from the MUNI market here.

And with that, the MUNI team is regrouping to bring you a bigger and better event next year, so if you missed this one, await our next big event in 2017!

In the meantime, do join us for our regular MUNI Meetups, and sign up for MUNI Mail and free MUNI membership to get updates on other learning events for cause-driven creatives and entrepreneurs!

The next MUNI Meetup is set for June 9, 2016, 6-9PM at A Space Makati with the theme : motivation, and we’ll take you through some things to muni on to motivate you, hook you up with others who share your cause, have a discussion with handpicked group heads [on 1) Community / Livelihood Development, 2) Conscious Consumption / Sustainable Production, 3) Education, 4) Health & Nutrition, 5) Mobility & Livable Cities], and encourage an open exchange of thoughts and feelings. 🙂 Pre-register for your slot here.

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