Cultural Creative: #CutTheCrap Artist Celina de Guzman

As part of Muni’s #CutTheCrap #NoMoreButts campaign, we’ve decided to create a special feature on the  illustrators and musicians who volunteered their time and talent to help raise awareness on the impact of cigarette butts on the environment. Read on!

Celina de Guzman’s emotion-driven artbabies have been described as endearing, mischievous, whimsical, and sometimes disturbing – a perfect complement to the disturbance that the #CutTheCrap #NoMoreButts campaign aims to create.

#CutTheCrap #NoMoreButts poster by Celina de Guzman

Cel is a 23-year old vegetarian who bakes cookies and calls herself a Caffeine Bug. She has illustrated a slew of gig posters and designed for various marketing campaigns through her work as the Executive Creative Director of Trifecta Visual Communications. Her first solo exhibit will be held at Heima on the 8th of June, entitled Cold Milk Culprits. Read on to get to know the free-spirited soul that is Celdee.

Muni: Tell us a bit about your art.

Celina: My art’s a whirlwind of emotions, mostly black and white, usually of women and goldfish. I create based on present emotions, past events, and future needs/wants – I guess my art’s slightly fueled by a bit of narcissism?

Muni: Who are your main inspirations? How did you find your passion for art?

Celina: Ah, if we’re talking about visual inspirations, my top would most definitely be Egon Schiele! Him, Conrad Roset, Stephane Tartelin, Miss Van, Gary Baseman, Junko Mizuno, Nom Chi, Gloria Pizzilli, Jesse Jacobs – to name a few. Is it silly to say that art found me? Haha. I honestly wanted to do culinary work. It was something I was absolutely fond of (who isn’t?). Yes, I drew out of boredom – I used art to sugarcoat assignments in high school, and decorate friends’ planners, but it wasn’t exactly my number one career choice. I guess I figured it was the ideal path to take when art school opened its doors right after being rejected by the x colleges I applied for.

Muni: What messages do you want to convey through your art?

Celina: I create to grab on to heart strings – think of it as a visual experience? Having audiences interpret their own emotions, and understand my pieces through broken codes, rather than being able to convey a one true message.

Muni: What does “cutting the crap” mean to you?

Celina: It solely depends on the context, but with regards to Muni’s current project – to break bad habits. Not necessarily the act of smoking, but to be more aware of the disposal of butts (aprt from being environmentally conscious/aware)>

Muni: What made you want to be part of the #CutTheCrap gig?

Celina: To be blunt – my frustration with the universe, I guess. Apart from doing something I’m most passionate about, there’s that hint of annoyance with the stubbornness of people – especially when it involves accomplishing such simple tasks.

Keep checking for more interviews from our other #CutTheCrap #NoMoreButts artists. 🙂 In the meantime, please support our #CutTheCrap campaign on Artiste Connect and join us for our Cut The Crap event on Route 196 on June 15! 

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