Cultural Creative: #CutTheCrap Artist Reg Silva

As part of Muni’s #CutTheCrap #NoMoreButts campaign, we’ve decided to create a special feature on the  illustrators and musicians who volunteered their time and talent to help raise awareness on the impact of cigarette butts on the environment. Read on!

Quirky cat lover Reg Silva is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer known for her bright color palette illustrations.

#CutTheCrap #NoMoreButts poster by Reg Silva

#CutTheCrap canisters illustrated by Reg Silva

Before working as an illustrator though, Reg was a motion graphics designer for Philippine TV and a full-time graphic designer for a New York/LA/London creative agency. Apart from her awesome illustrations that cover various children’s books (Ang Munting Anghel, Aki Alupihan, etc.), Reg is also loved by the local craft community for her unique hand-carved rubber stamps and lovely wallpaper downloads. But we couldn’t possibly love her more for contributing to the #CutTheCrap campaign without batting an eyelash. Read on to get to know her more.

Muni: Tell us a bit about your art.

Reg: I’m uneasy about referring to my work as art – it’s very commercial; I’m aiming to have it on product lines and greeting cards and such. I prefer to just refer to it as “my work” or “my illustrations” instead of “my art.” It’s cute, bright, shallow, and happy work, full of happy children and smiling animals.

Muni: Who are your main inspirations? How did you find your passion for art? 

Reg: I spent three years burned out as a motion graphics designer for TV before I realized  that what I really wanted to do was get into illustration. I was miserable and unmotivated at my design job so I resigned and worked on a lot of personal projects to build myself up as an illustrator (something I had no background and experience in). Way before all of that though, I’ve always liked drawing as a kid and would draw on the walls at home and on the margins of my books and notebooks in school (getting me in trouble with my parents and teachers).

A few of my biggest inspirations (and favorite artists) are May Ann Licudine and Geninne Zlatkis. Their art style is vastly different from mine but I draw inspiration from their careers– they create what they want, mostly for themselves, and the clients just follow. That’s how I want my career to be, eventually. They’re also incredibly talented and inherently creative in everything they do, from the way they draw, make videos, take photos, and decorate their house.

Muni: What message do you want to convey through your art?

Reg: Not really a message, but a feeling, I suppose? My work is bright and happy, and when people look at it, I want them to feel the same way 😛 Sorry, no other deep, artsy-fartsy, emo ramblings. My work isn’t that at all.

Muni: What does “cutting the crap” mean to you?

Reg: Personally, it means being true to yourself in everything you do, not mincing or sugarcoating your words or censoring your thoughts just to fit in with what society/other people expect of you. In the context of the campaign though, for me it means doing away with your crappy, lame excuses as to why you can’t make an effort to throw your trash properly or why you couldn’t wait until you found a trash can before you threw away your candy wrapper on the street, etc.

Muni: What made you want to be part of the #CutTheCrap gig?

Muni asked me! My illustrations have always been more for me, but then I realized that through this campaign, I can put my skills towards a good cause that would benefit not just me, but other people, the environment, and marine life as well 😀 It’s a win-win. It’s annoying anyway to go to the beach, dig your toes into the sand and find cigarette butts buried in it. I’ve experienced that in Boracay, and recently, when I was in El Nido, I saw a few cigarette butts wedged in the cracks and crevices of the limestone karsts. It’s extremely irritating that some people could be so mindless about proper disposal of their cigarette butts, and hopefully this campaign opens their eyes and minds about the inconvenience they cause to other people and the environment with their actions.

Keep checking for more interviews from our other #CutTheCrap #NoMoreButts artists. 🙂

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