Cut The Crap: A Guide to DIY Film Canisters

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Film canisters are a quick and handy way to stash your cigarette butts for more mindful disposal. No more littering on the streets when you can instill this habit. Others, however, need a little something extra to keep the habit going. Why not make your #CutTheCrap canister more awesome to take around by funkifying it?

In the video for the Cut the Crap gig, you saw a number of artists draw their way from making plain old film canisters into funky #CutTheCrap canisters!

[vimeo 66281214 w=500 h=281]

MUNI #CutTheCrap Gig / Campaign Video from Muni PH on Vimeo.

Now, why let them have all the fun of creating? Here are some simple steps on how to decorate your film canister and make it a one-of-a-kind piece.

For this project, you will need:

  1. An empty film canister

  2. Stickers / sticker paper

  3. A three-inch-wide roll of scotch tape

  4. Your art medium of choice

1. Lay your stickers of choice down on a nice, even work area. Large, rectangular label stickers, 4 inches wide and 1.7 inches tall are ideal.  If you choose to use circular labels or smaller rectangular labels, this is also perfectly fine. You can use their unique shapes and sizes to get more creative!

2. Feel free to use any kind of art medium on them: pens, markers, highlighters, colored pencils, etc. Plus points for you if you choose to use recycled materials!

3. Once the sticker art is dry, carefully peel the sticker off the sticker sheet, and stick it evenly on the film canister’s surface. Take your time to make sure the sticker is evenly placed and smooth against the canister’s surface.

4. To make sure your masterpiece is well-preserved, take your large roll of scotch tape, peel off an even portion, and snip off the serrated end for a nice, smooth edge. Secure this edge to the seam of the sticker label, and start sealing your art to the film canister as evenly as you can. Once you’ve successfully sealed the entire length of your sticker label art in, snip the scotch tape from the roll and finish that glorious invisible seam.

Voila! You’ve just DIY-ed yourself a cool-looking #CutTheCrap canister!

For more inspiration, check out the awesome #CutTheCrap canister designs by our featured artists: Rob Cham, Manix Abrera, Reg Silva, Celina de Guzman, OJ Desuasido and Kasey Albano here.

To take good care of your canister, just make sure your cigarette butt is out cold before you stash it in the canister. This avoids getting your canister burnt by the live embers, and ensures its prolonged life to use again and again. And don’t forget, you can donate your canisters at these locations and dates, and receive your own Muni canister at the Cut the Crap gig on June 15!

In what other ways can you decorate your #CutTheCrap canister?

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