Cut The Crap: An Introduction to Living More With Less feat. Bottled Drinks

Muni on this:

What if you could save money, lose weight, and protect the planet at the same time? 

It’s pretty safe to say that the top problems people whine to their friends about most of the time is lack of money, flabby whatevers (tummy, legs, etc.), and sometimes, wanting to do “something more”. My panacea? Cutting the crap. Literally at first, then figuratively as a result of that, and you just might surprise yourself with how you’ll live more with less. Here’s one of the simplest ways:

Ditch bottled drinks and bring around your own water bottle. Yup, you’ve heard it time and again, and yet, there’s still so many people who’ve yet to subscribe to this practice, and here’s why it makes perfect sense:

  1. Save money: You can refill your water bottle at home, at the office pantry or at the school fountain. Otherwise, assuming you purchase a minimum of two P20.00 drinks every weekday, that amounts to roughly P800.00 a month, or P9,600.00 a year!

  2. Lose weight: Sweet drinks (soda, juice, etc.) conservatively contain some 120 calories per serving. Assuming you ingest one can of soda or one bottle of iced tea per day, that’s some 3,600/month, a potential weight gain of 2 pounds per month or 24 pounds in a year if it makes you go beyond your recommended daily caloric intake and you don’t burn the extra calories. And even when your soda says it’s zero calories, it probably contains a lot of sodium, which means water retention, which isn’t the most helpful thing if you’re trying to shed some pounds.

  3. Protect the planet: Here are some interesting facts on plastic water bottles according to Nat Geo – if you were to fill one quarter of a plastic water bottle with oil, you would be looking at roughly the amount used to produce that bottle (add to that the fuel that is consumed to transport those water bottles) – imagine how much oil was used to product the 365 bottles you consumed in year. And after all that, only 13% of water bottles are recycled while the rest go to landfills.

When things are put into perspective this way, it’s quite shocking to see how the little actions we do everyday have a big impact in the long run. And I’m just talking about the impact on a single person. Imagine if I was talking about a collective.

But going back to living more with less, when you have the extra money you saved from not buying bottled drinks you don’t really need, you have more to spend on things that matter more to you. When you lose weight, you have more self-esteem and generally, a more positive demeanor. And when you protect the planet, well, everybody wins!

We’ve got a lot more Cut The Crap tips in store so keep coming back for new posts! In the meantime, in what other ways do you cut the crap too? : )

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