Cut The Crap with The Plastic Solution's #StuffItChallenge

We’ve always wanted to promote simple yet significant ways individuals can contribute to improving their communities and the planet. And when we found out about The Plastic Solution, we immediately knew it was an initiative we’d want to support.

Even though our levels of knowledge may be different, we all know that plastic contributes to waste, which is also why we make a case for reusable bottles, and a case against disposable straws, chopsticks (though this is wood, it still feeds disposable culture), and irresponsible cigarette butt litter.

There are hardly any innovations in plastic so far the make it completely recyclable and unharmful to the environment. And even then, what are we to do with all the unrecyclable plastic that’s already out there?

Turning a plastic problem into a plastic solution

The Plastic Solution’s #StuffItChallenge encourages people to turn otherwise useless, disposable waste into eco bricks instead! Learn more about it from project proponent Ziggie Gonzales in this video:


You can also check out the infographic below from The Plastic Solution’s Facebook page.

Not yet full! You can pack in more waste than you think into these disposable plastic bottles. Photo c/o Hanah Jade Lim

Check out these demos of using the ecobricks in construction of walls at The Circle Hostel.

You can then bring your stuffed bottles over to MUNI Market 2017, and join us for the MUNI Meetup on Zero Waste Living on April 9, 3:30-5PM together with the folks behind The Plastic Solution.

Join in any of our MUNI Meetups throughout the weekend to learn about mindful, conscious living that contributes to healthier communities and a healthier planet, and check out other exhibitors and merchants with conscious choices for your daily life!

For more information, visit:

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