#CutTheCrap Gig: The Climax of an Eyegasmic Campaign


What if we could come together to show people little known facts through great design, make our voices heard out loud through music, and ultimately, change mindsets and behaviors?

Last June 15, we gathered together artists, musicians, writers, photographers, environmentalists, entrepreneurs, and many other awesome individuals who do their own thing, but are all united in our desire to change our world, starting with the simple act of properly disposing cigarette butts.

We celebrated the culmination of our 3-month #CutTheCrap campaign with a good vibes-inducing gig featuring #CutTheCrap bands Pedicab, Ciudad, RomCom, Your Imaginary Friends, No Rome & Slow Hello, and we are extremely grateful for their help in reverberating the #CutTheCrap message throughout the night. 🙂

Clockwise from top left: Tin Rementilla of RomCom, Diego Mapa of Pedicab, Selena Salang of Slow Hello, Mikey Amistoso of Ciudad, Rome Gomez of No Rome, Ahmad Tanji of Your Imaginary Friends, aaand the sign outside Route 196, the venue for our gig

Display of some of our awesome raffle prizes, some of which are also available at the Muni online shop 😀 (Photo c/o Tin Rementilla)

The night was made even more exciting by all the awesome prizes we had up for grabs at the event thanks to our #CutTheCrap brand partners co.lab, Lagu, Loud Basstard, Punchdrunk Panda, Bambowtie, Aeta Organics, Lumago Designs, Manila Sole, SiKLo and Messy Bessy.

Thanks also to Save Philippine Seas and Mire for supporting the event. 🙂

Our thanks also go out to Edgy Veggy, Mochiko, and Good Food Co. for feeding Team Muni and our collaborators during the pre-gig prep HOHOL. 😀

Of course, this event would not have spurred the interest that it did if not for the eyegasmic #CutTheCrap posters! Thanks to our #CutTheCrap artists Rob Cham, Reg Silva, and Celina de Guzman – who also joined the event helped raffle out things, and Manix Abrera, Apol Sta. Maria, JP Cuison and OJ Desuasido, whose presence we missed during the gig, but whose works were displayed at the venue. 🙂

Big hugs also go out to the team of Red House Productions – Marcos Mabanta, Rai Gatus, and Patrick Vinalay – for creating pre-event videos for the #CutTheCrap gig below…

[vimeo 66281214 w=500 h=281]

MUNI #CutTheCrap Gig / Campaign Video from Muni PH on Vimeo.

[vimeo 67929533 w=500 h=281]

MUNI #CutTheCrap Video Outtakes from Muni PH on Vimeo.

…and Red House Production’s very soon-to-be-released post event video of the #CutTheCrap gig soon to follow! 🙂

Muni was also very fortunate to get the attention of ETC HQ who chose to cover our humble event, out of all other possible events / people / trends to feature on their show! Huzzah for spreading more awareness everywhere!

Jen of Muni being interviewed by ETC HQ host Julia Sniegowski

Watch out for the #CutTheCrap gig feature on ETC HQ on Sunday, June 30, 7:30 pm!

Last but not the least, thank you to the people behind Team Muni who were instrumental in the gig’s success! Shout out to Loreen Ordono, Adi Yapyuco, Jonette Valenciano, Sarah Arrojado, Law Co and TJ Rubio! And also to Frankie Concepcion, Paula Nierras, Emmie Villegas and Reggie Suarez, who weren’t able to attend the event but helped out in more ways than one. 🙂

And of course, to ALL those who attended, THANK YOU!! We hope that you’ll keep the #CutTheCrap message in your hearts and minds, use your #CutTheCrap canisters, and spread the message with more and more people, in the same way that we will continue doing so through speaking engagements, features, and yes, more gigs! 🙂

Note: We’ve pencil booked August 22, 2013 for the next #CutTheCrap gig… #ThrowbackThursday edition with music from the 90’s! 😀

This may seem like an overextended roll call of thanks, but it really was in Cultural Creatives coming together that we managed to create something helps shift thought and spur action. For more pictures from the gig, click here for our Facebook album. 🙂

#CutTheCrap everyday!! 😀 What was your favorite bit about the campaign? 🙂

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