Deane Miguel of Serious Studio, Niña Terol & Jen Horn: On Finding Your Voice, Speaking Your Tru

“Storytelling is about knowing and finding your truth. You first need to know who you are and what you’re about, before you can even begin to tell your story,” shared Niña Terol, writer and AVP/Director for Corporate Affairs for McCann Worldgroup Philippines, and one of our collaborators sharing about copywriting, PR & communications for our Telling Your Brand’s Compelling Story Workshop Series on September 10 & 24, 2016.

In the same way we try to detox and declutter our bodies, our physical spaces and our life priorities to lead our ideal lives, building a unique brand is a process of stripping away the non-essentials until you’re down to the core of what you want to communicate to the people you want to reach.

On finding your unique voice

When we see other companies doing something “right” or “awesome” or “brilliant”, it may be tempting to fall into the trap of somehow copying ideas from this company and that. But it is important if this is something true to yourself and your brand, or merely something you wish to do because it increased Brand X’s popularity or sales.

“I believe the journey of discovering the true voice you wish to have with your brand starts by better understanding what you’re not. We can decipher what values we hold dear by understanding what we fight against. We can better understand what we would like to keep by understanding what we would gladly throw away. I believe it is with this process of understanding your non-essentials that what truly matters surfaces,” said Jen Horn of MUNI.

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Niña Terol, writer and AVP/Director for Corporate Affairs at McCann Worldgroup Philippines

On speaking your truth

“When people and organizations tell stories, they open up a good part of themselves and invite others to get to know them better – and this fosters and environment of trust. And when you’re a new company or a new player in the market, you need to first build your credibility by telling solid truths about your company, your people, or your product and processes that people can believe in,” said Niña.

On making your mark

“The world deserves businesses where the founders think more about the things that they put out there and how it affects the world, the people who buy it, and how it brings more actual value then just doing something for kicks, or because it’s pretty, or just taking something produced at some factory overseas,” Deane Miguel of Serious Studio shared, when asked what drives her to help businesses craft their brands.

Deane Miguel & Lester Cruz of Serious Studio at the MUNI Meetup on Storytelling

“Some people enter business thinking that all they have to do is take something, package it nicely, and sell it, but there’s more to it than that. You have to know everything that your brand interacts with and who you want to talk to in order to create leverage for yourself in the industry,” added Deane.

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At the end of the day, we at MUNI, along with our workshop collaborators, are huge fans of cause-driven creatives and entrepreneurs who dare to do something different and put their ideas out there.

We believe you have a voice that needs to be heard and a story that ought to be shared, and we hope to be part of that storytelling journey with you.

Some ideas on storytelling were glossed over at the last MUNI Meetup on Storytelling, but this is something that we will dive deeper into (with cause-driven creatives and entrepreneurs who are serious about building their mindful brand story) at Muni’s Telling Your Brand’s Compelling Story Workshop Series. Learn more about the workshop/s here.

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