Edgy Veggy Cafe: Great Food. Period.

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Are you put off by the idea of going vegetarian or even just eating vegetables because that usually just means boring old salads?

I get really excited when I find really good vegan/vegetarian fare even if I’m not strictly vegan, or even really vegetarian (because I still consume seafood from time to time, but I’m working on this). I appreciate when chefs/food enthusiasts are able to create vegetable dishes that rival the taste of savory meat dishes, and leave you completely satisfied (but never in a bloated way) and looking for no meat. This, to me, is an indication of them simply being that much more creative in their use of fresh produce and spices and their ability to draw out the natural goodness of vegetables.

One such creative mind is Denise Celdran of Edgy Veggy, who has been creating healthy and delicious vegetarian meals since 2006. Edgy Veggy began at the Legaspi Sunday Market, then as a delivery service, and just this month, Denise has opened a much anticipated Edgy Veggy Cafe in the vibrant 3 Brixton building in Kapitolyo, Pasig.

Edgy Veggy cafe’s good vibes-inducing interiors (photo c/o Edgy Veggy)

Some of Edgy Veggy’s tasty offerings include:

Tofu mushroom bulgogi and spicy bibimbap rice with side salad (P220)

Naturally, tofu doesn’t really taste like beef, and a lot of the soy meat products that are actually closer to the texture of real meat aren’t necessarily good for you or the environment because they go through a lot of processing too. Edgy Veggy uses fresh tofu for this dish, and while it doesn’t have a beef taste, it is no way lacking in good taste.

Grilled vegetables with fluffy herbed couscous and salsa (P250)

Edgy Veggy’s couscous is light and fluffy, and the accompanying vegetables and salsa add a layer of flavor.

Vegan Mushroom & Pesto Panizza served with arugula and alfalfa sprouts (P250)

No doubt, hands down, this was a real winner. This whole wheat roll-up pizza encourages you to eat with your hands, while being one of the most wholesome and delicious pizzas you can eat. Made with a whole wheat crust that’s just the right thickness, and deliciously deceptive cashew cream that really makes you feel it really does have cheese (unlike other vegan pizzas that try (and fail) to pass off crumbled tofu as cheese. Edgy Veggy also has a vegetarian option of this for those really hankering for that cheese fix, but really, this is so good, you won’t look for the cheese.

It was so good it needed another picture.

To cap it all off, we ended with a slice of vegan peanut butter ice cream pie, made with peanut butter, coconut milk and soy milk.

To view the other offering in the Edgy Veggy menu, click here.

Edgy Veggy isn’t just about great vegan/vegetarian food, but great food. Period.

As an agriculturist, Art of Living teacher, and creative chef, passionate about health and wellness for the self and the planet, Denise also embodies a Cultural Creative we love to have as part of the Muni community. “It is this higher Self that we at Edgy Veggy hope will be revealed through eating high energy whole foods full of Prana (life force energy)”.

But for whatever reason you choose to dine at her cafe – to experience a new gastronomic experience in Manila, to feel good about the food you eat, to gain health of mind and body, to reveal the higher Self, or to get a chance to converse with the Edgy Veggy chef herself – I can bet that you will leave feel completely satisfied, and yet lighter at the same time.

What’s your take on vegetarian food now?

Edgy Veggy Vegetarian Food Cafe / Delivery Service G/F 3 Brixton Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig +63917-THRIVE-1 / +63917-847-4831

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