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What if you could nourish your body while supporting the livelihood of  over 50 communities all over the Philippines by going to just one shop?

The Got Heart Shop was made to grant better access for farmers and marginalized communities to market their quality products, and share their stories to more socially conscious people like you. Just recently launched last November 11, 2012, the shop in White Plains  has won the hearts of many for its cause, fresh produce, and charming and sustainable store design (the shop is a refurbished container, designed with recycled materials!), and it’s already opening a new satellite shop in Katipunan by the end of this month.

(Left) Take your pick of fresh produce delivered daily and be assisted by Got Heart scholars Joseph or Janet; (Right) Charming vertical garden forming a heart outside the Got Heart shop

(Top left) Lumago Designs recycled paper accessories from Dumaguete; (Bottom left) Jacinto & Lirio plant leather journals and Bambowtie; (Right) various handicrafts and baskets

Irresistably cute yet heartbeakingly sad illustrations by Kookie Santos on the effects of irresponsible human behavior on the planet and our other fellow cohabitants displayed on the shop walls

The Got Heart Shop is actually a project of the Got Heart Foundation, Inc., which was set up in 2007 to develop social enterprises, mainly natural farming, educate communities on proper allocation of resources, and create targeted programs for communities they work with.

Melissa Yeung, brainparent of Got Heart says, “The years we’ve spent working with these communities have taught us that they are not poor because they are lazy, but because they are deprived of opportunities. They have been stuck in a system where they aren’t given a choice and a chance for a better life. The Got Heart Shop is our own little way of creating an opportunity where all of our communities can have a choice and hopefully, a better chance, a better life.”

Work done with love will speak volumes and resonate with people, and we’re certain that success will continue to follow the Got Heart Foundation in their mission to provide communities all over the Philippines this opportunity to bring their quality products to market, and to provide you the opportunity to help these communities simply by choosing to shop with Got Heart.

Got Heart Shop White Plains, Quezon City (landscaping side near Petron) Store hours: 7am-7pm, Mon-Fri; 8am-8pm, Sat-Sun +63917-58HEART (43278); +632-5779138

* 2nd Branch opening soon at 69 Esteban Abada (street behind KFC/Fully Booked) Katipunan!

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