How To Boost Courage for the Cowardly Bike-commuter

#MUNIonThis: Many of us like the thought of being able to liberate ourselves from traffic, while getting some exercise and minimizing your environmental footprint, however, the notion of bike-commuting through busy city streets may initially deter more than a few of us.

In spite of making efforts to live healthier and more sustainably in other areas of my life, I’ve felt the need to improve the travel aspect of my life, with either walking taking too long, or having a heavy reliance on a car to get around. And so, in spite of fear and anxiety about both my own skill (or lack thereof) and the skill / caution of other road users, I’ve finally explored bike-commuting, and here’s how I got over that initial hump, and how I continue to get braver and bolder in bike-commuting:

1. Practice your skills in a safe place.

To the surprise of many of my peers, in spite of being a fully grown adult, I didn’t really know how to bike until last year. Nonetheless, I’ve devoted several mornings and late afternoons in the past few months biking around our subdivision. I was not only a bike-commute newbie, but a biking newbie! So it helped to have wide, un-busy roads to practice on to make sure you have the enduance and agility to bike outside. If you need adult bike lessons, look up local bike groups like National Bicycle Organization in the Philippines, or Bike New York. It’s never too late to learn!

2. Take baby steps outside your comfort zone [facebook url=”” /]

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