Lagu Beach Blankets: Helping Us Save Our Beaches

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Did you know that the average beach goer unintentionally takes away 3 handfuls of sand on a trip to the beach?And that the 908,875 beach goers to Boracay in 2011 means that some 15.5 dump trucks worth of sand was displaced?

We love factoids about how the unwitting actions of one person can mean a huge deal when repeated by thousands or even just hundreds of others, which is why we love this cause that inspired Kendrick Co, founder and Brand Divergence director of Antidote, a Brand Divergence firm, to create Lagu’s sand-repellant beach blankets. (Now available at the Muni Pop-Up Shop Online)

Lagu uses a unique linen blend that repels sand, dries fast, and is allergen free. Antidote also made sure that the product is self-contained to minimize the ecological footprint, hence the huge wrap-around label vs. wasteful traditional packaging.

Muni: What inspired you to create Lagu?

Kendrick: The inspiration for Lagu came during a trip to Boracay in the summer of 2011. I noticed that the beach seemed narrower than when I last visited the island a couple of years prior.The first time I went to Boracay, there were 3 volleyball games going on with still an area on the beach to pass through, and now there was only enough space for one volleyball game and you had to pass through their game to get to where you needed to go! Clearly, simply blaming climate change and overdevelopment is pointless. It’s a cliche but it was then I realized it might be time to look at our own personal impact on the beach.

Muni: What background prepared you to handle Lagu?

Kendrick: Since I started Antidote over 4 years ago, we’ve been fortunate to work with a very diverse client and partner base in that we are exposed to different industries and business models, even social enterprises. Lagu is the first brand that we developed in-house and in a lot of ways, it is a distillation of the experiences of the whole team, anchored by a shared passion to help preserve our beaches.

Muni: What keeps you motivated to work on Lagu?

Kendrick: We’re very happy with the response the brand has gotten from beach lovers, not just locally but even in other countries. It’s amazing to know that there are a lot of people who care about the cause as much as we do. We feel that overall, we’re on the way to raising awareness about sand loss and how each of us can play an active role in minimizing it. But the brand still has a long way to go. What drives us to keep building Lagu is knowing that we all have to step up our efforts in helping preserve our natural resources in order to balance the increasing popularity of our country as a tourist destination. Simply put, while it is great for the local economy to have more visitors to our islands and beaches, it also puts a lot of pressure on the islands to sustain and renew itself.

Muni: What drives you to get up in the morning?

Kendrick: Just knowing that our time in the world is not infinite, and knowing that there are still so many goals both personal and for Antidote that I’ve yet to accomplish. I think we can all agree that it feels nice to sleep in sometimes, but it feels much nicer to sleep at night knowing that the day was used inching closer to your goals.

Muni: What change do you want to see in the world?

Kendrick: I want to see Philippine-born brands compete and thrive in the global market. I think as a country, we shouldn’t be satisfied with seeing big global brands coming in here. We should be sending our brands out to the rest of the world too!

The little things we do or don’t do have a much greater impact on our environment than we often realize, and we’re glad to have a brand like Lagu to show us the bigger picture of sand erosion, and also, the great potential of innovative, game-changing Filipino brands to make it in the global market.

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