Looking for Brainwashers!

You may have been able to tell that Muni PH is a new website. But as they say in one of my favorite childhood TV commercials, “Great things start from small beginnings“, and believe me, we’ve got big dreams for Muni PH!

As such, we’re rallying the troops, gathering our merry band of pragmatic dreamers & idealistic doers, and looking for like-minded individuals who know they have something important they want to share on mindful living.

We’ve created Muni PH to be just that venue for voices to be heard, ideas to be incubated, questions to be mulled over, and actions to be carried out.

Again I go with the quotes and say, in the wise words of Uncle Ben (hehe), that “With great power comes great responsibility“, and so, we hope that in building the Muni PH community as a community of individuals moving as one, we may subtly, gently sway daily decision-making towards all the little things that make for a better Philippines, and a better planet.

If you would like to build the community, please invite your social circles / networks to visit, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.

If you would like to contribute an article and be one of our extra special brainwashers, see our Muni PH Article Contribution Guidelines here. Looking forward to your contribution!

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