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What if you could help promote a cause while making a profit?

For our first Muni Pop-Up Shop event, we’ll be showcasing some awesome brands that tried to do more than just make a quick buck. These individuals and companies had something that they wanted to share, people that they wanted to help, or advocacies that they wanted to raise awareness of, and we couldn’t be happier to share our co-presenters’ products with you!

Punchdrunk Panda (PdP) is local brand specializing in graphic design collaborations with Filipino graphic designers & influencers. PdP makes use of unconventional but functional canvases such as camera straps, shoes, and laptop sleeves to apply designers’ works on, be worn or brought around and talked about. Great gifts for those who want to stand out while supporting local artists! (Unfortunately, PdP items will NOT be available at the Muni Pop-Up Shop, but you may buy their items online at!)

Jacinto & Lirio specializes in journals and ladies’ bags / clutches made with water hyacinth and lily, which severely infests Philippine waters with its rapid rate of proliferation. But what was once a crisis-causing nuisance has been turned into a business opportunity for the communities this affects. Perfect for yuppies or moms who no longer want to buy animal leather (or gift givers who want to promote an alternative leather)!

Caleb’s Closet distributes home cleaning (Messy Bessy, etc.) and personal care products (By Nature handmade soaps, Milea Organics, etc.), cloth diapers, and locally-made baby carriers for the environmentally conscious parent (or homekeeper) who is mindful about what touches their and their baby’s skin. Definitely unique Christmas gifts for newlyweds, organic product fans (like me), baby pamangkins (nephews/nieces) and inaanaks (godsons/goddaughters) that encourage a more eco-friendly lifestyle!

Vesti creates designer ladies’ bags made with Mindanao fabric. For Vesti’s holiday collection, Yakan fabric is showcased on their bags, but Tinalak and other proudly Mindanaoan textiles are also used in their bags. Ethnic / tribal prints are all the rave these days, but it’s better when we buy products made with the Philippines’ own indigenous textiles in order to preserve our country’s rich textile traditions!

Lagu‘s statement product is their sand repellant beach blankets, and we love when products have a nice factoid that comes with it. Did you know that the average beach goer takes away 3 handfuls of sand when they hit the beach? And when we’re talking about 908,875 tourists who visited Boracay, that amounts to 15.5 dump trucks of sand each year! Lagu beach blankets help minimize this human-caused erosion of our country’s beautiful beaches, and would be an ideal present for your beach-loving friends!

See the Muni Pop-Up Shop event page or check out our Muni Pop-Up Shop Facebook album for our other participants including H.E.A.R.T.Nomad Manager, Thysz, and Pop Pins.

Thank you so much to Punchdrunk PandaJacinto & LirioCaleb’s ClosetVesti, and Lagu for believing in the Muni PH advocacy and helping make this event / gathering of Cultural Creatives happen! Special thanks go out to Dan Matutina of Plus63 as well! : )

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