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Last September 6, Muni had its first hangout session in the vibrant city of Cebu! Here’s what went down during this landmark event for both Muni and Cebu! 🙂

The HOHOL (short for “hangout hangout lang”) objective was simple: to bring together like-minded folks for an evening of casual yet stirring conversations on things more important than the latest celebrity gossip; to build the Muni community of critical thinkers, daydreamers and purposeful doers. 🙂

Check out what went on Behind-The-Scenes on this video by Hanz Florentino of Studio Inspiro! 😀

Thank you to Handuraw Pizza Gorordo for hosting us, and to Youth for a Livable Cebu for helping us put it together!

Attendees were pre-assigned to their respective discussion groups for the night, got to know their fellow group mates, dined on yummy offerings from Handuraw Pizza, and loosened up with an icebreaker. 🙂

After that, discussions went around about 5 different topics and each group was asked to share things we could easily apply to our lives with regard to their group’s topic, and here’s what each team shared:

  1. Indigenous Materials: Research more on local materials and various applications; Be creative; Learn more about what is around you; Replenish materials used in order to be sustainable (Team Timoi)

  2. Sports / Adventure Tourism: Get to know locals when traveling; Leave no trace; Attempt to educate both travelers and locals on more eco approaches to tourism / travel (Team Buzzy)

  3. Organic Food / Farming: Look beyond the label; Eat healthy; not just for the sake of going veg/vegan or organic; Apply small changes to make your way to a healthier diet easier to maintain (Team Organiko)

  4. Social Media for Social Good: Do more than just inform, start a discussion; Drive action; Create a platform; Have offline meet-ups (Team Sosyal Media)

  5. Upcycling / Turning Trash Into Treasure: Avoid wasting even the little things like plastic straws and stirrers; Create a support group for ideas – and we’re glad the team did take the initiative to create an FB group! 🙂 (Team Transpormers)

Thank you to all those who came, conversed and will hopefully continue the conversations and create collaborations! We love Cebu! You guys have been amazing! 😀

Thanks to ANTHILL Fabric GalleryAframe Surf CompanyIsland Buzz Philippines SUP & Kayak Adventures and Handuraw for our raffle prizes.

And congrats to the members of Team Buzzy who each won P200 GCs for Lagu beach blankets. 🙂

And thank you to Hanz Florentino of Studio Inspiro for our photos!

Because of all of you, we are sure that Cebu has a lot of great things in store. ‘Til the next HOHOL!

See all event photos here.

If you’d like to have a HOHOL in your hometown, e-mail us at muni.com.ph@gmail.com, and we’ll see what we can do! 🙂

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