MUNI Manila HOHOL w/ TweetUp Manila

A “HOHOL” is short for “Hangout Hangout Lang”, and is an initiative by Muni to bring together like-minded people for a night of meaningful conversations and possible passion project collaborations.

After hosting a HOHOL in IloIlo (w/ EntrepsBuildPH and last January 24) and Cebu (w/ Handuraw Pizza Gorordo and Youth for a Livable Cebu last September 6), Muni held the first-ever (and long overdue!! :P) Manila HOHOL.

Apart from encouraging individuals to Contemplate (hence, “muni’), we also wanted Cultural Creatives from all over to Converse and to Collaborate for positive change for ourselves, our community, and the planet. And just last October 5, together with @TweetUPMNL and @ChannelGoodInc the much-awaited #MNLhohol happened at @CommunePH in Makati. Here’s what went down:

The night started with Jen Horn (@nomadmanager) talking about how Muni came to be and sharing snippets of tweet-able relatable phrases which psyched the creative thinking juices of everyone listening in.

It’s important for us to remember that we’re not alone in our desire to make the world a better place. [Tweet this.]

“If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” (Steve Jobs) [Tweet this.]

After some short introductions, hangoutees joined their pre-assigned discussion groups and shared their key insights/takeaways from their topic and what best practices we could immediately do or apply to our daily living to promote or share awareness with regard to the group’s topic.

#PHcrafts (Filipino Craftsmanship)

  1. Aim for government investment and support such as creation of national product development standard

  2. Better branding and product packaging

  3. More online and offline promotions (marketing through social media or regular local crafter’s fairs, etc.).


  1. Know your options/Mindful living.

  2. Kids are key. Awareness should be towards future generation.

  3. Improve the collective effort.

  4. “Engage people within your community to incorporate eco-friendly choices into their daily living.” [Tweet this.]

#EcoFasion #EcoStyle

  1. Minimize consumption.

  2. Promote collaborative consumption.

  3. Explore more ways for sustainable living.

  4. “Creative expression isn’t just about visual design but also about the social and eco-conscious rituals that go with product creation.” [Tweet this.]

When all the groups were done, the second part of the HOHOL, “Pitch Your Passion” involved these three ladies talking about their organizations and projects they’re looking for collaborators or supporters on.

(L-R) Oxfam Philippines Humanitarian Officer Abbi Luz talked about their upcoming online event for the International Day for Disaster Reduction this Friday. (More details on this event soon!); Aissa Benitez ofChannelGoodInc shared their volunteer project Girl Matter which aims to invest in the self-worth and entrepreneurial capacity of young girls who have undergone a history of abuse;Paula Nierras of Trade School Manila, introduced the non-traditional barter system of Trade School and invited everyone to join their upcoming classes.

Cheers to all who came in, conversed, and shared their ideas with Muni! Hopefully, we’ve managed to spark the spirit of Volunteerism, Mindful Living, Conscious Consumption, and Collaborative Ideation in you! 🙂

Would you like to organize a Muni PH HOHOL in your own community? Email us or send us a tweet @muni_ph or message us on and we’ll see what we can do together! 🙂

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