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Who wants to live in a better world?

It sounds like a no-brainer, and it actually is – so much so that we hardly take the time to think about how we can do that. When asked this question, it was only natural that the students of Philippine Science High School Western Visayas – a clear indication that there is a whole breed of Cultural Creatives waiting to come out and create this better world we aspire for.

Once again, we shared ideas on conscious consumption and the power of every single individual in the thrust for change, similar to what we shared at our Iloilo HOHOL just the day before.

Jen Horn of Muni PH shared statistics on little actions we take for granted that contribute to the degradation of the planet.

She also invited the students to Cut The Crap, while realizing mid-sentence that “crap” may not be a word suitable for students, but it was too late so she just owned it anyway. She encouraged the youth to stop making excuses or feel like their individual actions don’t count, and provided some tips on how students can lessen the trash they produce.

At the end of her talk, Jen threw out a difficult trivia question from her talk so that a student could win a GC from Punchdrunk Panda, one of Muni’s brand partners. Student Duane Valdestamon correctly answered that it was exactly 908,875 tourists that contributed to sand erosion in Boracay in 2011 (according to a study by the UP Marine Science Institute, which supports the rationale for Lagu’s beach-friendly beach blankets). Jen was obviously amazed!

Noreen Bautista of EntrepsBuildPH also called on the students to conduct research on indigenous materials and to collaborate with entrepreneurs or become one themselves.

With Philippine Science High School research instructors Jarold Mediodia and Mialo Lacaden-Bautista

With Mialo, Jen, special friend and surprise photographer Eden Buensuceso, Noreen, and PSHS-WV Director Shena Faith Ganela

We get really excited when given opportunities to plant that seed of change and action in the youth and our hearts were warmed by the reception we got from the young and impressionable junior research students. Our sincerest thanks to teacher Mialo Lacaden for setting this up! 🙂

Want Muni PH to visit your school? Contact us and we’ll see if it’s something we can do. 🙂

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