MUNI's 2013 Best Moments to Muni On

We celebrate 2013’s milestones to remember the little steps we took to get to each one. Half the time, we were re-calibrating, figuring out how best to get ideas across. It’s been a year of learning and un-learning, in the pursuit of defining what we are as a community of Cultural Creatives.

And so, more than this year’s accomplishments, to close the year convinced that Muni is where it’s supposed to be is the biggest blessing.

If we were to summarize 2013, there are 3 things that shaped Muni, for which we are most thankful for:

1) Founding of a Collective

The meeting of kindred souls is a magical experience. It’s like having someone’s fire rub off on you, and yours on to others.To have others share your passions is a reassuring feeling, which is why building a community of like-minded individuals has always been one of Muni’s main thrusts.

In April, Muni held its first ever Team Muni Meetup – a call for volunteers willing to disrupt and start conversations about mindful living. We’re proud to say that we have been increasing in numbers since then, offline and online, continuing to grow, inspire, and be inspired by each other.

2) Multiplication Through Collaboration

When our talents intersect, we produce more amazing things and summit heights we would never have reached alone.

Muni was privileged to have worked with a host of organizations and creative individuals from different fields of design, arts, music, film, social development, and business, on projects that turn ideas into action.

Muni as a megaphone and dot-connector

This year, we got invited to numerous events in support of causes that we likewise champion. Some of our favorites are:

  1. ADB’s No Impact Week & seminar on climate change

  2. Dakila PH’s Brown Rice Campaign for food system sustainability

  3. TweetupMNL Social Media Weekend

  4. Crowdfunding for a Better Philippines with Ricefield Collective and SocialProject.PH

Muni community-building activities

We hosted a bunch of HOHOLs (Hang-out Hang-out Lang or Filipino slang for relaxed hangouts) for casual but stirring conversations. The aim was to provide a platform for participants to contemplate, converse, and collaborate on potential passion projects that can better the self, community, and planet.

  1. Muni HOHOLs in IloiloCebu and Manila

  2. Muni GHOHOL (HOHOLs over Google+)

Muni campaigns and events

Meaningful collaborations paved the way for us to mount our own events and campaigns. This is when ideas became living things, through which Muni hopes to make people reconsider their perspectives & habits, and act more mindfully as a result.

  1. Eco-fashion workshop

  2. Biyaheng Burda

  3. #CutTheCrap campaign – an awareness campaign about the impact of cigarette butt litter; and #CutTheCrap Gig  as its culminating event

  4. #TheBetterCloset pre-loved clothes sale for the benefit of Yolanda Relief operations

Muni x Moonleaf Tea Shop 2014 Planner Collab

The #MunixMoonleaf2014Planner launched in November, is something we aimed to be a starter-pack for mindful living. Featuring 12 themes to think about for the incoming year, as interpreted by 12 of the country’s top illustrators, it’s definitely one of our favorite 2013 projects.

Planting seeds for 2014 and beyond

Every day, we are in the process of improving ourselves, our community, and the planet through the little things we do and the ideas we share. There are always opportunities, big and small, for us to make a change for the better.

All our actions have been guided by this and geared towards planting seeds of mindfulness. As 2013 draws to a close, we are nothing but more energized to do more in 2014. 😀

The world you desire can be won. It exists. It is real. It is possible. It is yours. – Ayn Rand

Your world, your choice. Happy New Year, dreamer and doer!

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