MuniEco Fashion Workshop: Creating An Eco-Conscious PH

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What if in the otherwise materialistic and excessive industry of fashion, you can support or create pieces that encourage more meaningful consumption and sustainable production?

Sustainable fashion or eco fashion have been buzz words in the western world for more than a few years now, and more and more people are becoming more conscious of this growing trend of “green” as the new black. It is part of the growing inclination towards a sustainable lifestyle, which translates to everything from how we eat, get around, and in this case, make stuff, buy stuff, and use stuff.

With eco fashion, designers aim to craft pieces with the community and the planet in mind. Whereas companies used to simply offset their carbon footprint by donating proceeds to an environmental cause, the gravitation towards a more eco-conscious mindset has encouraged designers and entrepreneurs to experiment with the use of more eco-friendly materials and socially responsible production methods.

Eco fashion has yet to become mainstream in the Philippines, and that’s ultimately the goal that we at Muni, along with social enterprises Jacinto & Lirio, Lumago Designs and Rags2Riches hope to further spur, in our own efforts, and collectively through our upcoming Eco Fashion Workshop on March 11, 630-930pm at Co.lab Xchange. It will be an intimate gathering of like-minded individuals who want to learn more and exchange ideas about eco fashion. We will be discussing the importance and impact of eco fashion, what’s being done in the eco fashion scene, and what steps aspiring eco fashion entrepreneurs/designers can take.

Though there are resources you can find online, we feel that it’s important to create this group to discuss what we can all explore here in the Philippines, and how, in coming together, we can create a thriving eco fashion industry in the Philippines, and put our country in the world’s eco fashion map.

If you’re interested in learning more about eco fashion, the stories of Jacinto & Lirio, Lumago Designs and Rags2Riches, and want to learn how you can promote eco fashion in the Philippines, then join us for a night of progressive new ideas, good food, and great company!

Click on this link to see how the Eco Fashion Workshop went!

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