Ep.7: on Courage Under Terror with Chuck Baclagon, Issa Barte and Krishna Ariola

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

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About this episode

How does the anti-terror bill affect our freedoms, and in particular, those who fight to protect our environment and all who live in it?

In 2019, news articles [see references 1, 2, 3, 4 below] circulated about how the Philippines is one of the most deadly places to be an environmental activist.

They would cite the report by Global Witness [5], which tracks the murders of those who resist mining, farming, logging and other powerful industries that damage ecosystems and drive people off their land. They shared the numbers - with 113 killings since President Duterte assumed office [1]. And with the anti-terror bill and its broad and vague definitions, these people who fight for social and environmental justice face potentially greater dangers in being labeled or "red-tagged" as terrorists.

We asked environmental activists Chuck Baclagon of, Krishna Ariola of Youth for Climate Hope, & Issa Barte of Fund The Forest to share their stories, of environmental defenders, and how the Anti-Terrorism Bill impacts them and their work. You can learn more and take action via and the Telegram channel

We'd also like to invite you join us for our MUNI Meetup on Starting A Movement on June 27, 3-4PM, for an interactive discussion together with some of our guests on this episode and other fellow advocates. More than just the one way communication with you listening to our podcast, we’d love to engage with you and talk about we can build stronger communities to protect people and the planet. Sign up to join us here.

About this podcast

We started MUNI on This to deal with our personal and collective distress about the state of our planet, but more importantly, we created this to give ourselves and you guys more reasons to hope and more motivation to act. In the show, we talk about the challenges and possibilities in creating a more mindful and livable world. It was created by MUNI, a purpose-driven company that creates conversations and builds community through online content and offline events on mindful, sustainable living.

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