Ep.8: on Growing Food Gardens with JC Tejano and Muneer & Raina Hinay

This episode was brought to you by Forest Foundation Philippines, a non-profit that supports projects that encourage people to protect our forests. It was produced by MUNI, hosted and written by Jen Horn and Ayen dela Torre, edited by, with music by Diego Mapa and branding by Serious Studio. You can find the MUNI on This Podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or listen directly below.

About this episode

One of the unexpected impacts of COVID is that it actually ushered in a real interest in backyard farming for a lot of people. Are the social or environmental benefits to growing food in urban centers significant? Or is urban farming just a hobby for bored, locked down titas of Manila?

We talked to two urban farmers, who have reaped real benefits from urban farming, and found resiliency and community through their food gardens: JC Tejano, a Quezon City resident with zero experience in farming, who turned a trash-filled lot into an abundant community garden while in lockdown, and Muneer and Raina Hinay of Kids Who Farm from Zamboanga City, who empower the youth to learn the benefits of urban farming and set up community food gardens of their own.

See references and other relevant resources for this episode linked below.

About this podcast

We started MUNI on This to deal with our personal and collective distress about the state of our planet, but more importantly, we created this to give ourselves and you guys more reasons to hope and more motivation to act. In the show, we talk about the challenges and possibilities in creating a more mindful and livable world. It was created by MUNI, a purpose-driven company that creates conversations and builds community through online content and offline events on mindful, sustainable living. You can find the MUNI on This Podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. You can also listen directly via You can also join the MUNI Community group on Facebook to reach out to our community.


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