Social Media Day: Catalyzing #ChangePH Beyond Slacktivism

We live in a hyperconnected (at least through the internet and mobile means) world, and it makes it that much easier to learn about the country’s issues, discover solutions to the world’s problems, connect with others, and be “slacktivists” or “armchair activists” by simply tweeting about something with a hashtag or signing a petition via or other similar websites to get involved in change-making.

And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, many ills against the environment, human and animal rights, and other forms of abuse or corruption have been prevented by the power of netizens coming together online. [1]

But every now and then, netizens take these efforts offline because we still value forging a deeper sense of camaraderie and connection through personal interactions. And this is why for the 3rd time in a row, Muni is participating in Social Media Day 2015 with the theme #ChangePH.

“It is an opportunity to look at new apps, new tools, new technologies that help bring about significant changes, big and small: Changes in how we Filipinos live, work, do business, travel, study, express, communicate, share, and form relationships,” shared Tonyo Cruz of TweetupMNL, lead organizer of Social Media Day in the Philippines.

It is a theme that resonates very much with what Muni stands for, and we are happy to stand alongside other communities creating positive change in their own ways.

Join us at Social Media Day 2015, 10AM-8PM at Museo Pambata to learn more about other communities you can connect with, and we hope you drop by and say hello to us at the Muni booth as well.

We’d love to share our initiatives and ways you can get involved with our community to learn more about how you can live a mindful life – one where we value health, wellness and sustainability for ourselves, our community and the planet. Participate in our booth activity and you may also get a chance to win some prizes from our mindful Muni Market Day partners.

Apart from the Muni booth, you can also expect more activities from other participating communities. Register for free here:!

“Thanks to the spirit of collaboration and cooperation, #ChangePH will be the fourth time the Philippines joins this annual global event spearheaded by Mashable. Yes, communities, partners and volunteers have always made the Philippines’ Social Media Day possible and always different since 2012,” Tonyo added.

If you want to be more involved with Muni, you can also sign up to be an intern / volunteer. Deadline for our next cycle is on June 27 at Social Media Day! You can also save the date for the next scheduled Muni Meetup will by on July 4, themed “Cacao, Tea & Community“, focusing on social enterprise / agri and community-driven businesses.

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