The Making of Muni's Statement Non-Tarp "Tarp"

Since the Muni Pop-Up Shop aims to raise conscious consumption, we were also conscious about printing a one-time use tarp. Although that would have been a much faster / easier option, we thought we might send a message with our hand-made tarp.

It also made for a fun artsy craftsy afternoon with Jen Horn of Nomad Manager, Abbey Sy of H.E.A.R.T. by artistic-dreams, and Geli Balcruz & Ella Lama of Pop Pins!

[A table full of materials]

[Ella & Geli joking around while practicing their paper snowflakes]

[Colorful paper snowflakes]

[Muni letters made with scrap cardboard wrapped in cloth scraps]

[Abbey doing some hand-painted typography]

[Our co-presenters]

And voila! Our beautiful, lovingly-made, relatively eco-friendly tarp to announce the Muni Pop-Up Shop on December 8!

All elements (apart from the cloth wrapped M-U-N-I) were painted on paper and then stuck to the massive canvas sheet. After the event, these can be detached and the canvas can be reused for whatever purpose! So all we really used were maybe 2 sheets of Manila paper, scrap cardboard, scrap cloth and paint. Huzzah! Drop by the Pop-Up Shop on December 8 to see how we’ll use our pretty paper snowflakes. : )

Thanks to Nomad Manager for the pictures!

For more info on our Pop-Up Shop and our co-presenters, check out this link and join our giveaway too!

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