The Muni x Moonleaf 2014 Planner

Presenting the #MunixMoonleaf2014Planner – the best planner you can get for 2014 here. 🙂 Here’s what makes it extra awesome!

About the Muni x Moonleaf collaboration

Moonleaf Tea Shop has been creating it’s annual planners since 2012, and when Moonleaf found out Muni, our thrust, and the #CutTheCrap campaign we rolled out last April to June 2013, they liked how we tapped creativity to send out an important message. 🙂

So for their 2014 planner, they collaborated with us and we came out with 12 themes per month for their planner, with the goal of sharing ideas and actions you can pursue for a better self, community and planet. 🙂

Why do we love the Muni x Moonleaf 2014 planner?

The planner features 12 of the country’s top illustrators, complete with postcards you can share with friends. And more importantly, the planner encourages sustainable, positive change through awesome illustrations, occasional factoids, and practical, easy-to-apply tips for mindful living. 🙂

We’re really grateful to Moonleaf for this opportunity to spread Muni’s message of mindfulness, and positively affect the people who are awesome / fortunate enough to have a copy in their hands. 🙂

Monthly artworks:

  1. Your World, Your Choice by Kasey Albano

  2. Make Someone’s Day by Reg Silva

  3. Eat Better by Alessandra Lanot

  4. Travel Local by Manix Abrera

  5. Cut The Crap by AG Saño

  6. Learn Something New by Soleil Ignacio

  7. Mind Your Mind by Apol Sta. Maria

  8. Simplify by OJ Desuasido

  9. Celebrate Pinoy Music by JP Cuison

  10. Celebrate Philippine Cinema by Jan Pineda

  11. Be A Conscious Consumer by Celina de Guzman

  12. Collaborate by Rob Cham

See more pictures of the planner and the 12 featured artworks here.


  1. Dimensions: Cover Spread: 13.125” x 8.75” Folded: 6” x 8.75” Inside: 6” x 8.5”

  2. Number of pages: 104 pages

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