The Value of Community: Our Tribe of Cause-driven Entrepreneurs

#MUNIonThis: In a society where we have so many ads and products being put in front of us, it may be easy to forget what is really essential to us, and how our choices affect our selves, others and the planet. However, if we care enough to start asking these questions, we find that we can increase the quality of our lives by choosing to spend on experiences and products with meaningful stories vs. an excess of otherwise uninteresting, forgettable goods.

This is our continuing mission with MUNI and our MUNI Meetups and MUNI Market as we build a community of producers who exist to deliver products of greater personal, social or environmental good.

“People ask about our products, our visions, and I’m thrilled to share. At the same time, I get to meet like-minded young entrepreneurs who I can learn from,” shared Dhanvan Saulo of Yadu, a brand of quality bags and backpacks made with upcycled fabric.

Yadu backpacks are carefully stitched together to create a unique patchwork of upcycled fabric, making for truly one-of-a-kind pieces.

As consumers, it may seem easier to turn a blind eye and not ask too many questions about the things we buy, but the merchants at MUNI welcome these questions and use these opportunities to find out more about how they can even further improve their businesses.

“MUNI is a breeding ground of pragmatic believers, rather than naysayers; MUNI shakes the skepticism and jadedness we’ve become accustomed to, where why bother is actually replaced with ‘why not?’,” shared Xilca Alvarez of Bayani Brew.

Xilca sharing her two cents with other folks from the MUNI community at a meetup on Finding Your Why in Business for the MUNI Market & THRIVE Festival in 2015.

Risque Designs by Tal creates footwear incorporating handwoven Hablon textiles from Iloilo and wooden carvings from Paete.

At every turn and touchpoint, we have a choice in the things we support and buy, and it is a never-ending process to be constantly curious and conscious about the impact of all that we do. And with businesses, it is especially important to have like-minded people to keep you going when doing things more conscientiously becomes overwhelming or seems so much more difficult.

“I love the company and quality of conversations I have with my peers and clients at MUNI’s events. These conversations have made me more self-aware and responsible,” mused Ann Enriquez of Gouache Bags and Oil of Argan.

Tote your own healthy, wholesome meals for the day with Gouache’s reusable lunch bags.

“When I went vegan, I thought I was already doing a lot taking out animal products from my lifestyle. But when I joined the MUNI community, I realized it’s only a portion of what else I can do as a citizen of this world. Being part of MUNI challenged me to do more because I can do more. Now, I make sure not to participate in the disposable culture and bring my own containers, utensils and mugs when I go out,” shared Jaq Abergas of Jertie’s Kitchen, a company specializing in vegan, gluten-free pastries and food offerings.

“And this has not just affected my own choices, but the choices I also made with my sister for our business. We began to explore more packaging options, more sustainable and conscious recipes, and especially how to share our knowledge with those who need it but don’t have easy access to it. The community really made me realize I have the power in my hands to change the world. I just have to have enough care, compassion and consciousness to do it,” she added.

Sisters Jaq & Jertie with the participants of a healthy food demo at the 3rd MUNI Market.

Catch these brands and other products at the upcoming market including organic produce from Holy Carabao and Down To Earth, vegan food and ice cream from The Superfood Grocer, new kombucha from Nipa Foods & Brew, and other local or environmentally friendly options for personal care, home and fashion pieces to suit a more mindful lifestyle, as we bring our community of mindful makers to the south for the first time with the 5th MUNI Market in Nuvali on May 21, 11AM-9PM.

The event helps consumers make more informed decisions about how they shop, eat and travel, through a showcase of healthy, local and eco-friendly brands, merchant interviews, demos, workshops and live music performances, all in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

Find out more about upcoming MUNI Market here. Learn more about MUNI here and follow Muni PH on Facebook and @Muni_PH on Twitter and Instagram.

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