What To Expect From MUNI Market 2016 on May 21 at Nuvali

When we first started the MUNI Market, our goal was to keep growing the community, and continue bringing our message of mindful living to more people around the metro, the country, and the world. And so, this coming May 21, we’re conducting a happy experiment with the first ever MUNI Market in Nuvali!

We are bringing our existing community of conscious, purpose-driven merchants and supporters to a new and vibrant location in the south of the metro, while also discovering and welcoming new folks from the south into our community as well.

Now on its 5th run, the only MUNI Market in 2016 will be popping up at Solenad 3 in Nuvali with our merry band of mindful merchants selling healthy, local and eco-friendly products from food, home to fashion items, some educational workshops and demos, and some musician friends setting the vibe for a fun and relaxed atmosphere, true to MUNI Market fashion.


Bayani Brew • Down To Earth • FoodSource PH • Gouache • Gugu • Holy Carabao • Jertie’s Kitchen • Katch PH • Kimochi Aroma • Kuwero • Lemontastic • Lotus Pod • Nipa Brew / Foods • Oil of Argan • Picole • Pizza Morena • Risque Designs • Satinka Naturals • Silly Monkey Clothing • Sinaya Cup • Starr’s Brew Kombucha • The Green House Project • The Superfood Grocer • Theo & Philo Artisan Chocolates • Thirsty Turtle • Tinker Knot • Treehugger World • V&M Naturals • Wonder Paws • Yadu


  1. Toy Stories Upcycling Workshop by Katch PH 11:00AM, 2:00PM & 4:00PM at kids’ activity area

  2. Kindergarden Seed Planting Workshop by Treehugger 11:30AM, 2:30PM & 4:30PM at kids’ activity area

  3. Vegan Summer Cooldown by Jertie’s Kitchen 2:30PM at main stage

  4. Pantry Makeover by Holy Carabao 3:00PM at main stage

  5. Live Music by Gentle Universe, Paola Mauricio, Mellow Submarine 5:00PM at main stage

All throughout the day, we will also be introducing you to our merchants through interviews to share their stories and their products.

A Technology-enhanced MUNI Market Experience

We will also be introducing a payment system that will give event goers a unique user experience through an easy one-time payment at designated cash-in points that allows you to navigate from merchant to merchant with a quick and easy swipe of a card. Read more about it here.

Editor’s note: Check out some of our confirmed MUNI Market Nuvali merchants who joined us for a MUNI Meetup on Mindful Life + Work last April 19, 2016 at A Space. And see what our tribe of cause-driven entrepreneurs have to say about our community.

Keep up to date for more information, activities, merchants and performers and follow the MUNI Market Facebook event page, and sign up for MUNI Mail.

See you then!

For more inquiries and partnership opportunities, you may contact us at 🙂

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