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We believe that one important way we can live more mindfully is by being more aware of the impact of our consumption. By choosing products that are healthy, locally made and/or eco-friendly, we choose to put our money on products / businesses that share our values of maximizing impact in our community while minimizing impact on the planet.

[The Mindful Life  Shot at the 3nd MUNI Market]

Images & edit: Nikki Pua

Why “MUNI Market”?

Historically, markets were not only places of trade, but venues for cultural exchange.

MUNI Market aims to educate consumers on ways to shop, eat, and live mindfully, and give them an opportunity to get to know the makers and the stories behind these products through a marketplace integrating on-stage conversations, educational demos / workshops, and live music.

Now more than ever, people are becoming increasingly conscious of their impact in the world, and live a little more meaningfully everyday, even through their daily decisions. Because of that, we want to:

  • Showcase makers of mindfully created goods & services
  • Educate people on conscious consumption, and increase their options for healthy and sustainable products and practices
  • Bring together like-minded individuals, who want to live healthier, more socially and environmentally-conscious lifestyles

The 1st MUNI Market Day was held at The Grove by Rockwell on June 1, 2014, showcasing 16 mindful merchants, 7 performers, with 3 activities including an upcycled crafting workshop, a healthy food forum, and a cause-driven business forum.

The 2nd MUNI Market Day more than doubled in size and reach at Capitol Commons on October 25 and November 8, 2014, where this time, we showcased nearly 40 merchants, 13 performers, forums on healthy eating, urban farming, and energy-saving, as well as upcycled crafting workshops. Click here to view our post-event article.

We’ve also done the 3rd Muni Market Day on March 28, 2015, and the 4th Muni Market in conjunction with the THRIVE Festival on October 24-25, 2015, both at Capitol Commons, growing the number of merchants by 300% since the first event, and reaching 250% more conscious consumers. You can also read about the 5th and 6th MUNI Market.

We are currently looking for partners to help make another MUNI Market happen. As heartwarming as it has been to receive all the wonderful feedback from the community, and the response that the work is valuable, we also need additional funding to make a MUNI Market happen. Until then, our MUNI Markets will be on hold.

You can learn more about MUNI Market and our advocacy through the videos below.

[About MUNI Market and the MUNI Community – Shot at the 1st MUNI Market]

Images & edit: UP Broad Ass Productions
Music: By Beautiful Intentions – We Are Imaginary c/o Lilystars Records

[How can we be more conscious consumers & producers? – Shot for the 2nd MUNI Market]

Images & edit: Marcos Mabanta

[MUNI Market Day v2.0 moving snapshots – Shot at the 2nd MUNI Market]

Images & edit: Marcos Mabanta


MUNI Market has also been featured on ANC, Green Living, CNN Philippines, Lifestyle Network’s LISTED, GNN’s The Workplace,ETC HQ, GoNegosyo Radio, Voice of the Youth Radio, and print and online publications, including Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippine Star, Business World, Northern Living, Men’s Health,,,,,,, and more.

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