MUNI Meetups

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MUNI Meetups are community get-togethers that aim to bring together cause-driven creatives to start meaningful conversations on how we can live more sustainably, and create connections to work towards a healthier, more sustainable world together.

How does it work?

MUNI Meetups normally run for 3-4 hours, centered on a particular theme on mindful living, whether on conscious consumption, zero waste, sustainable dining, travel, and so on, and are open to the public.

We’ve explored a variety of formats to keep things interesting, and to keep the community guessing what we have up next. We’ve done talks and forums, group discussions, quiz nights, pop-ups, and a lot of networking over drinks and snacks from mindful producers and food & beverage providers.

Although we mix it up and change the format every now and then, we let you know more about what to expect from an upcoming meetup when we publish the event details for it here on our blog or on our Facebook page. 🙂

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Tickets / registration is normally released 3-4 weeks prior to the meetup date. Sign up for our mailing list or subscribe to our events to get immediate updates and first dibs on Insider / Early Bird tickets!

So far, we’ve also explored meetups in Cebu, Iloilo, Cagayan de Oro, and Naga as well, even one as far as Berlin, Germany (!), adding up to ~50 meetups as of September 2017.

Some basic ground rules

  • Get to know other attendees, and get out of your shell!
  • Share what you know that can move the discussion forward.
  • Maintain an open mind and listen to what others have to share 🙂

Individuals interested to partner or be more involved with Muni activities / campaigns are welcome to chat with us after the meetup to learn more about our upcoming projects and how you can help.

Got other questions about MUNI or our meetups? Contact us via e-mail at, via Facebook, or via Instagram or Twitter (@muni_PH). 🙂

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